All these tactics are based on the basic theorem – Increase the bet by 1 unit after each bet loss and 1 unit after every win. Therefore, to be able to use this tactic effectively, you need to proceed to determine how much 1 unit is corresponding to.

The advice is that you should not let that number exceed 1% of your playing budget, otherwise your likelihood of bankruptcy will be very fast.

Advantages and disadvantages of Alembert tactics


As with the beginning of the card, Alembert makes a smaller profit than other strategies or compared to normal play.

Each tactic helps players improve a certain aspect of gambling. Either way, the strategy helps players see the overall picture instead of focusing on winning and losing in one game.

While there is no tactic that can help players win long term, if you know how to apply online baccarat betting strategies will help you achieve a certain profit goal.


While Alembert is not as unstable as other tactics, you also need to avoid losing. If there is an unlucky chain, you may be bankrupt, so don’t touch the important money.

If you participate in Malaysia online casino gambling, you will find that the odds are increased relatively small. Many people who love to play adventure and excitement will choose high bets. If you are one of them, we recommend other strategies such as Martingale.

Risks in Alembert tactics

So what are the risks in this tactic? There are really no holes because the betting strategy usually does not change the probability as well as the house’s advantage. Whether using Martingale, Fibonacci or Alembert, the house still has an advantage of about 1.05% compared to the player.

Hopefully, you can use the Alembert strategy introduced above when playing Baccarat online and win as much as you can. Good luck!