Baccarat is a card game played at Malaysia online casino. As a fighting game, the card with the higher points will win. However, the right to choose which card to bet is in the player’s hand instead of being fixed to one of the dealt cards like other games. This optimizes fairness and is appreciated by many.

Baccarat’s rules are relatively complicated, but the terms are relatively few because the rules are less interactive, players only bet on which door, the remaining dealer of the baccarat online resolves.

Alembert strategy when playing baccarat online based on mathematical formulas. This tactic was developed by Jean le Rond d’Alembert, a French national, and worked similarly to Martingale or Fibonacci. Unlike Martingale, however, players who follow Alembert will earn less but not lose too much.

The working principle of Alembert

After determining the unit will be the time you take action. Let’s start by placing 1 unit for the Player door. Always remember to put in the player’s door because the payout ratio is often higher and more beneficial during the application of this strategy. Exceptions if played by some special rules, something rarely happens.

To better understand this tactic, take a look at the following example:

Bet 1 unit: Lose.

Bet 2 units: Lose.

Bet 3 units: Lose.

Bet 4 units: Win.

Bet 3 units: Win.

Bet 2 units: Win.

Bet 1 unit: Lose.

Bet 2 units …

Keep going until you get the number you want, run out of money or get bored and want to stop. If you win in the first round, continue to bet with 1 unit.

As you can see, if after 1 round, the number of losses and wins is equal (4 losses 4 wins) then when applying this strategy we still get profit.