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What is special about W88 compared to other Malaysian online casinos?

If you’ve ever played online betting then definitely W88 is a suitable stop that you feel most impressed, safest. In Malaysia, W88 is one of the safest and most reputable bookmakers.

W88 is currently the leading European bookmaker owned by MARQUEE HOLDINGS LTD, licensed by First Cagayan (Casino World).

W88 dealer website interface

Easy-to-see, eye-catching interface, you can choose two color fonts that are the first impressive feature that players cannot ignore when they first visit the W88 dealer. Sports layouts are also designed for clarity and comprehension.

For many customers who have little contact with online betting, it will be difficult to find and track favorites, but for W88 you absolutely can find yourself the target quickly.

Football betting

At the W88 bookie, players can fully bet football under many different, playing Live Casino with many attractive games is also very convenient.

The strength of w88 is football betting, players can completely bet on many major tournaments on the planet with many types of Asian, European, or Small markets. Most Malaysian gamblers pay a lot of attention to the Asian SPORTS handicap. If you want, you can still bet on European markets to diversify your playstyle, contributing to more wins.

Diverse online casino games at w88

For casino services, the W88 bookie has significantly improved and upgraded. You don’t have to go to the Casino or meet in person, but you can easily join with real people. Online casino is one of the products of great interest at w88. Here offers a variety of cards such as Baccarat, Poker, Roulette, Slots games…

For casino services, the W88 bookie has significantly improved and upgraded

Attractive promotions at W88 online casino

At W88 dealer there are regular promotions for the newest members and even longtime members. Promotion 100% of the deposit value when depositing for the first time.

This is a welcome gift for new members to help players get money and join the playing field smoothly. Instant cashback of up to 1% for all Slot games. This is one of the incentives that other bookmakers can’t get outside of W88.


Besides the main advantages, you cannot help but compliment the customer support service at the W88 dealer or W88 interface if you are already a member. The website’s interface is easy on the eyes, the staff is friendly and simple to help players find the necessary information easily and play betting quickly. Good luck!

A brief introduction to prestigious w88 online casino

A brief introduction to prestigious w88 online casino

W88 is a reputable online casino that offers casino games, online games, lottery, keno, poker, and online sports betting services using Amaya, Betsoft, Gameplay Interactive, GamesOS, GG Network, iSoftBet, Microgaming, NetEnt, Play’n Go and Playtech.

W88 is operated by Marquee Holdings LTD and is licensed to operate in the Caggayan Economic Area and Free Port. The preferred language of this site is English but the website supports many different languages ​​including Malaysian so generally Malaysian players will have no problem participating here.

When you first deposit money, you will have a chance to receive 100% more on your account. This is a good opportunity that players should not miss and of course, you should consider how to deposit the money properly.

In addition, to meet the needs of the players, W88 supports many different versions including computers, mobile website versions, and download applications.

Mobile games

W88 casino is compatible with many different interfaces so that you can access from any device with the simplest operation. In addition to the computer interface, you can access W88 from your smart mobile phone with any browser or download the application and can play from the application according to your preferences and preferences.

Such a prestigious online casino

W88 is proud of its online casino with an impressive collection of games up to more than 500 games at the moment. There are up to 80 types of blackjack, baccarat, and roulette games for you to choose from.

Players can play with pre-programmed games that play with the random number generator on the system or play at live casinos, where there are live dealers from the casino rooms. W88 applies a $ 200 reward for all new casino players, making your budget “booming” when you play.

Besides, in order to meet the maximum interests of the players because even the most loyal players will want to experience many different games. W88 offers lots of alternatives for you. Here you can find lottery, poker, bingo or keno games to try.

What are the most prestigious online casinos in Malaysia?

Playing online betting in Malaysia has been a favorite trend among many participants. There have been many bookmakers being launched in Malaysia market in recent years. This created a wave of competition for the choice of house to join.

And today, to help players make the most sensible options, we would like to introduce to you the most prestigious bookmakers in Asia.


The W88 bookmaker is still the prestigious football bookmaker in Malaysia that has the most favorite and popular in the world betting market and has now been introduced to Asia.

At this time, the W88 bookie is increasingly spreading and covering all Asian countries, especially attracting a large number of members in the Malaysian betting market.

Most of the players visiting the homepage are impressed with the extremely eye-catching and streamlined interface. The W88 Dealer is always active with the goal of welcoming all members so the W88 bookie is always very popular with betting participants.


This is the name with the longest seniority in all the house. This is the bookmaker born in the early periods of betting on Malaysia. The M88 dealer has been spreading throughout countries not only in Asia. The house of M88 is always proud of the quick and top-ranking trading system in Malaysia market.

Dealer M88 with all its advantages does not hesitate to be compared and selected with any other dealer. which is always selected by the majority of players when being threatened to compare.

Moreover, with the interface and attractive promotions not inferior to any house, the M88 house always shows that it is the house that deserves to be selected by customers.


The 188bet dealer is still on the rise and further confirms its position to global reach. At this house, 188bet is always proud of being the best house that makes players comfortable and assured of the stability of the network. The dealer always has ways to ensure the most attractive player matches without interruption or interruption.

In addition, the system of help center of the house 188Bet is ready to support 24/24, paying lazy for any fastest questions. The 188bet dealer increasingly matches its position on the international rankings.

How to choose a good table to play Baccarat at W88 online casino?

When it comes to the Baccarat betting experience, players have more or less experienced themselves, so what is the effective betting formula in this game?

Only when the bet you use is effective and helps players improve the win rate, it will be considered a betting formula.

Here, I would like to share the betting experience related to the research of the advantage of Baccarat betting. Also you should find out if playing w88 then proceed to bet.

Similar to each person’s luck, the tables also have their own fortunes. In Baccarat, these tables are not hard to find. A table Baccarat not very “prosperous” is often surrounded by many players, in which many people bet in the style of a dua. You bet at this table is probably not an effective way to play.

The reason is that it is difficult for you to avoid the “flock mentality” in case of sitting at a table with too many people participating in Baccarat. This affects the thinking space, making it difficult to draw conclusions correctly. As a result, you set the result to seem like a winner but only bring about failure.

In addition, the fortunes of each table may have its own fluctuations, most likely when you interjected at that time, the strength of the table is over, or at least you do not grasp the evolution of the table, so it’s difficult to increase the win rate.

How to choose effective betting tables in Baccarat

If you want to find a Baccarat table to place a bet, instead of standing on a table that is in a weak position, just choose the one that has the advantage. At the same time, your betting method will target the weaker side.

For example, if you deal a hand, in the case where the house’s total bet is 100 dollars, while online baccarat players only have $ 60, you can bet on the player’s side, your bet level can be based on your actual capacity.

Choosing the tables in strength, on the one hand, does not have too many participants, giving you time to think, on the other hand, to avoid “falling into the sight” of those around you.

In addition to equipped with basic knowledge, leveling skills, Baccarat players also need to prepare themselves the best psychological factors, especially how to control yourself and not to be greedy. Do not forget to access the link on w88 on your phone to play Baccarat the best.

HappyLuke – Reputable dealer in European market

If W88, M88, 188Bet, Fun88 are known to a large number of players who are Asian bookmakers operating in the market specializing in football betting and online casino.

Come to HappyLuke you can experience thousands of attractive slot games. And slot game room fun is very hot on the market today.

Provide a variety of casino gambling categories:

  • Baccarat scratch cards
  • Blackjack
  • Poker
  • Roulette
  • Fortune dice

All HappyLuke dealer casino games have live dealers. Are all beautiful hot girls.

Deposit and withdraw money: Quickly

  • The advantage of HappyLuke over other casinos is the speed of depositing money into the account and withdrawing win money extremely fast.
  • Pay from 3 to 5 minutes as the house immediately updated the money in the account.
  • With only from 30 minutues to 2 hours of withdrawal order, the money is transferred immediately to your bank account.
  • Many attractive promotions: Super Bonus more than 200% welcome new members

Customer care department: Enthusiastic and thoughtful

  • HappyLuke has a very professional customer care department
  • When you need an answer, an instant online chat agent will assist you
  • You can ask all questions from how to play the game, what are the house’s promotions, how to pay, withdraw winnings …
  • Just click on the online chat icon and you will have an instant answer.

Information security: Absolutely safe

Because of the confidentiality of information is extremely important that players are always interested in. Therefore, HappyLuke besides focusing on improving the betting system, the security is also a top priority.

At the HappyLuke dealer, players will be absolutely safe and secure all personal information, transaction history, bank account numbers … Because HappyLuke is a Swedish company, all activities are in accordance with the house rules of Europe, the security of information will be strictly regulated.

From the above advantages, the prestigious bookstore HapppyLuke deserves for you to register an account to play, and enjoy attractive promotions services according to European standards that other bookies do not have.

Some reputable online casino players should know

Currently, there are many online casinos and bookmakers operating in the world market. Do not rush to find any dealer if you do not want to lose money or not fully enjoy the game. So, remember the list of the most prestigious online bookies in the world today.

Online games come into our entertainment life as a common sense when all the elements around them reach the desired requirements. Now we can easily play both familiar and familiar games at reputable online casinos. The online casino platform is where people are relaxed, very comfortable and adventure with the feeling of victory and defeat as participating in the actual game.

The name of a reputable online casino says it all that novice amateurs or professional players are aiming for. In these online casinos, players like to participate directly in the big casinos in the world such as Las Vegas, Macau, Hong Kong (China), … Online games such as gambling, betting are spin live at these great casinos and push up online apps for players from all over to join.


Fun88 is a bookmaker launched towards the online gambling market in Asia, focusing mainly in Hong Kong, Macau, China, Thailand, … This is one of the few reputable online casinos. Partner with the world’s leading security network company.

Thanks to that, the safety and confidential information of the players are always placed on the highest position. Here, you absolutely can relax your mind and adventure with extremely new experiences. More than 100 online casino games ready to serve players.


Although the interface design is not really impressive as other online casino sites, the games that this house offers strangely really win the hearts of the players. Weekly, monthly, the house organizes special promotions to thank the players. All deposit and withdrawal transactions are easy and have specific instructions. Nowhere else can you join the authentic online red and black games like at W88. All deposit and withdrawal transactions are easy and have specific instructions.


From sports betting to online international casinos, M88 are geared towards serving players. A lot of badly divided games divided into many different game genres will definitely not disappoint players.

Learn the terminology and the right investment in Baccarat at W88

Here are some common terms used in Baccarat, gambling from Italy, then spread to France and has become popular at the W88 dealer, if you want to join, please visit the link w88top to play offline.

The player who pays the highest bet in the game will play the dealer, the dealer payout rate is only 95%.

Baccarat 11-point version

In this Baccarat 11 points, those who have the closest score to 11 will win. This form of play rarely appears in Malaysia online casinos and is only applied in Baccarat matches

Baccarat mini

This is also one of the most popular forms of Baccarat, the dealer will be responsible for handling all the cards on the table. These types of tables are usually carried out at the main casinos and also have a limited number of tables.

Traditional Baccarat

Baccarat is the most popular form of casino in America as well as Macao. Accordingly, the ratio of money for the draw is highest as a “draw” 8.

In addition to the aforementioned terms, if you want to become a standard Baccarat investor, it is also required to withstand heavy psychological pressure, because during playing Baccarat, the cards in every game are always transformation, never let you play smoothly.

What is baccarat?

Baccarat online game can help you a minute to become a millionaire, but it can also make after just a minute you will become a blank, players are required to learn from experience success – failure, when successful then you must not be too favorable, but when faced with failure, the more you have to learn to accept with reality, and also bear the pressure of capital; Players should know that online casinos are not their biggest enemies yet, the biggest enemy is none other than the players themselves, if they want to win against the dealer, the player needs to win first. myself, at the same time, I have to train to a calm retreat.

To become a Baccarat investor is really not an easy task, besides having to face great risks, players must also have the psychology of accepting negligent cases, of course if you have a victory. then you will receive a good reward. Therefore, if a player really wants to become a Baccarat investor, he must be well prepared mentally, only then will the player have enough strength to face the difficulties before. eye. When winning do not forget to refer to w88 cash withdrawal to withdraw money to spend offline!