Bitcoin can be a rather confusing concept to catch your attention and sometimes it can be hard to find casinos that accept Bitcoin.

To help you, we’ve put together quick guides to help you get started on the game and start enjoying cryptocurrencies through your casino experience!

What is Bitcoin and how does it work?

It can be used to purchase goods and services anywhere on the internet, including in the online gambling world. Bitcoin casinos are rare right now, but they are increasing day by day.

Each Bitcoin is essentially a computer file. They are stored in an application called a digital wallet, which can be kept on your computer or smartphone. Each transaction is recorded in the ‚Äėblockchain; – a public list that allows to record and track the history of Bitcoin.

Which online casino accept Bitcoin?

The number of casinos accepting Bitcoin is still quite small but includes: 7Bit Casino, BitStarz Casino, BetCoin, SportsBet, BetCoin Poker, Betonline, Slots.LV, Bovada and CloudBet Sports. The number of casinos accepting the minimum Bitcoin level is increasing and it is important to check with your favorite casino’s Payment Method to see if it is on this list.

Do you need to open a wallet to start using Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is stored in a digital wallet, kept on your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

How to use Bitcoin as a secure payment method?

Bitcoin is a perfect option for players who want to remain anonymous online; Although each transaction is recorded, the identities of the participants are not.

How long does Bitcoin payment processing take?

It usually takes about 24 hours for a Bitcoin payment to be fully processed.

How fast is Bitcoin trading with online casinos?

It usually takes about 24 hours for the casino to process your payment.

Is it safe to pay with Bitcoin at online casinos?

Bitcoin offers safe and anonymous alternatives to traditional payment methods.

What are the benefits of betting with Bitcoin?

Bitcoin allows you to place bets and make anonymous deposits, helping to keep your online identity safe.

How does Bitcoin compare to other banking options?

Although still quite new, Bitcoin is increasingly popular. At the moment, it may still be difficult to find stores and casinos that accept Bitcoin, but this is likely to change.

Are there any fees for Bitcoin transactions?

One of the downsides of Bitcoin is that they tend to come with quite high transaction fees and this can eat into your potential profits.