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How to win when playing Baccarat at online casino?

In fact, there is no magic formula that can guarantee you will definitely win Baccarat (because if it did, the bookmakers would have gone bankrupt). However, there are some basic tips that can help you improve your chances of winning a bet by minimizing silly mistakes. You can focus on playing more that you can refer to some tips as follows.

Understand your bets

Make sure you understand your bets at Malaysia online casino to make sure you don’t make a stupid mistake.

The basic rule is that the higher the bonus, the harder it will be to win. So many players often prefer to combine Their wagers between low bonus, low risk and high bonus, high risk. You should understand the odds and also make choices based on your play style and personal preferences.

For example, players who prefer a more stable income will choose lower risk bets such as Banker or Player. On the contrary, if the players like to take risks to get big bonuses, they can choose Tie.

Protect your money

This means you understand the limits of the table and you maintain the stake within the amount you are willing to pay. Bet limits will be displayed at each table with the minimum and maximum numbers.

Before officially joining the game, you should also have a plan and stick to it. Are you willing to bet lower but more times to be more likely to win? According to the law of probability, keeping bets low but repeated will be more likely to guarantee a win for you.

Plan for winning

If you win, what will you do? Will you spend all the money you win to play another day or do you want to exchange cash and take it home immediately? Plan it and stick to it.


If you are completely new, you can take the time to practice first without having to deposit to familiarize yourself with the rules and situations of the possible. You can try the free online versions to see how you can play and whether you are confident enough to switch to playing for real money.

Basics about Baccarat at Malaysia online casino (Part 2)

According to research using complex mathematical equations, the Player win rate averages 49.32%, Banker wins on average 50.68% while if you bet on Draw, only 44.62% chance of winning. This can help you be more lucid when choosing to bet at the Baccarat table. Specifically, the odds in Baccarat are as follows.

Odds in Baccarat

If you bet on Player and Player wins, you get double for 1 bet

If you bet on Banker and Banker wins, you will get double minus 5% commission for Banker

If you bet on Draw and you win, you will receive a payout in a 1 to 8 ratio.


The rules of this game are very simple, so even if you are completely unknown to Baccarat online casino game before, you still can fully adapt to the game in a very short time. Your task is to bet on the outcome of the game, not on your actual card result, and you have three choices to bet: Banker wins, Player wins, or Draw. To place a bet, simply select the amount of coin you want to place a bet and place it in the correct betting area. As soon as you place a bet, press the Deal button, you and Banker will get two decks of cards face to face.

About the Baccarat scoring system. All human face cards and the ten card game in Baccarat count as 0 points. For example, if you receive a card that includes J / 8, then your card is counted as 8 points.

If your score is 10/4 then count as 4 points. If your score is 8 and 7, the total will count as 5 points.

The winner of the Baccarat game will be the one with the closest score to 9. But remember, even if your hand wins, you must bet on the Player to win the final game.

Basics about playing Baccarat at Malaysia online casino (Part 1)

Baccarat is an interesting card game suitable for all types of online casino players. When playing Baccarat, you bet based on the outcome of the game, not your own card results, which opens up a lot of chances for you to win.

It is no coincidence that Baccarat is one of the 5 most popular games in Asia at the moment.

In fact, when you play Baccarat at Malaysia online casino, you may lose your hand but still win the game! Easy to learn, easy to play and lots of fun, you can play a variety of stakes or even play free games in Practice mode if you want. For those who aim to make real money, there are many attractive bonuses for you.


Originating from Italy but adopted by France in the early 15th century when it started to be popular at the time. Baccarat means “Zero” and this stems from the involvement of the in-game scoring system. In the 15th century, although it became popular in France, Baccarat was still just a street game or played in illegal casinos. It was not until several centuries after the ladies brought Baccarat into their stores as a new entertainment habit that it gradually spread and became a popular choice among gamblers.

The game gradually entered other countries in Europe and America and became an indispensable spiritual hobby in casinos around the world. Over time with the development of the internet, online versions have also been developed to meet the needs of players without having to move anywhere.


There are 3 possible outcomes when playing Baccarat: the player wins, the house wins or both sides tie. With Baccarat, you can choose to bet on two doors for both Banker and Player.

According to research using complex mathematical equations, the Player win rate averages 49.32%, Banker wins on average 50.68% while if you bet on Draw, only 44.62% chance of winning. This can help you be more lucid when choosing to bet at the Baccarat table.

Between M88 and 188Bet, which house should a player choose? (Part 1)

Choosing a reputable house is a method of soccer betting that is important for football betting players. The standard elements for betting bookmakers are the need to have a valid operating license, what types of games the house offers, how to deposit and withdraw money, Malaysian language support, care. Online customers and promotions. If you have researched, you will surely know about 2 reputable football bookmakers rated as the best today: 188Bet and M88.

Almost these 2 bookmakers are mentioned by players and do not distinguish which is better. Therefore, new players often encounter difficulties when making decisions on which house to choose. So should choose 188Bet or M88? Let’s compare the 2 most prestigious bookmakers to choose the suitable house.

Compare M88 and 188Bet

Advantages of M88

Over the years, the m88 bookmaker is one of the most deserved bookmakers in Asia, because the style of football betting is very interesting and attractive with a lot of games, M88 is a suitable bookmaker with most Asian, European and Asian Handicap odds. Players participating in M88 can choose the type of rafters suitable for countries such as Hongkong, Indo, Maly, with many football leagues from Europe such as England, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, … Euro and football leagues in Asia such as Sea Game, Asia and the biggest football tournament on the planet World Cup.

All football betting players via the link to M88 are satisfied by the easy and fast deposit and withdrawal process, M88 has support for depositing and withdrawing money through popular banks and only Within an hour, you will be able to receive winning bets through very simple orders. The support is also available during the time the gambler participates until the bet is received, just ask for online support within 1 minute will have the house team to answer questions very graciously. and enthusiasm.

Not stopping there, the betting products at the house M88 also has many online casino games for real money such as Outlet, Blackjack, Seahorse, etc.

The difference between people who succeed and fail in online casino

Online casino is a popular game in human life. The number of people participating in online casino at w88 link is increasing and there has never been any sign of “cooling down”. When participating in this activity, everyone wants to win, but in reality it is very difficult, the number of people who get “harvest” is always less than “defeated”. So who won, what characteristics do they have?

Successful gamblers often grasp their own destiny. If they had to place a bet at a level that made them uncomfortable, they might choose to give up that round. For them, safety for capital is always important. The mistake of many gamblers is that they only care about what they have at hand, but forget to evaluate their opponents. Subjective disdain always makes online casino players have to “taste the bitter fruit”. The trend of the games will gradually be revealed over time, so it is wise to give up a few betting rounds to have time to master the game trend.

That is the difference between successful and unsuccessful players. Those who are “obsessed” with invisibility generally put themselves in danger, because they are burdened with too much pressure. To those who participate in online casino, they see things calmly, not impulsively, not in a hurry, they know where the stops are. Excessive greed will cost you dearly. Winning or losing money has a psychological effect, most of the gambler’s mistakes are rooted in not really correct notions about online casino activity, its happenings and results.

Successful online casino capital management skills

The common “ill” of gamblers is that they often burn themselves out after impulsive betting decisions in the style of “burning three years of wood for one hour”. To be able to survive long in the online casino world, players need to be able to control themselves and create a “safe lock” for capital.

You need a budget estimate for the betting plan: Of course, every player wants to bet a lot to win, they have the opportunity to “become a billionaire overnight”. However, gamblers need to properly plan their capital. Once a plan has been set, no matter what arises, it also needs to be consistent to implement, not to have the mentality of “just one more time” and surpass the threshold. Once “beyond the threshold”, players will increasingly momentum and very difficult to turn back.

The Alembert strategy when playing Baccarat at Malaysia online casino (Part 2)

All these tactics are based on the basic theorem – Increase the bet by 1 unit after each bet loss and 1 unit after every win. Therefore, to be able to use this tactic effectively, you need to proceed to determine how much 1 unit is corresponding to.

The advice is that you should not let that number exceed 1% of your playing budget, otherwise your likelihood of bankruptcy will be very fast.

Advantages and disadvantages of Alembert tactics


As with the beginning of the card, Alembert makes a smaller profit than other strategies or compared to normal play.

Each tactic helps players improve a certain aspect of gambling. Either way, the strategy helps players see the overall picture instead of focusing on winning and losing in one game.

While there is no tactic that can help players win long term, if you know how to apply online baccarat betting strategies will help you achieve a certain profit goal.


While Alembert is not as unstable as other tactics, you also need to avoid losing. If there is an unlucky chain, you may be bankrupt, so don’t touch the important money.

If you participate in Malaysia online casino gambling, you will find that the odds are increased relatively small. Many people who love to play adventure and excitement will choose high bets. If you are one of them, we recommend other strategies such as Martingale.

Risks in Alembert tactics

So what are the risks in this tactic? There are really no holes because the betting strategy usually does not change the probability as well as the house’s advantage. Whether using Martingale, Fibonacci or Alembert, the house still has an advantage of about 1.05% compared to the player.

Hopefully, you can use the Alembert strategy introduced above when playing Baccarat online and win as much as you can. Good luck!

The reasons why playing Poker at Malaysia online casino is becoming more popular (Part 1)

What is Poker?

Poker uses a standard deck of 52 cards. At the beginning of each game, each player will be dealt their own cards. And then on the table will show the community cards. A game is made up of betting rounds. There, players will bet based on their strength and intention.

At the end of the last betting round, the players who remain still will face up to determine the winner. It is the person who has the most powerful deck of cards, combined from his own hand and his hand on the table.

Poker is a card game with a combination of gambling, tactics, and skills. Poker originated and is very popular in Western countries. Then spread throughout the world and increasingly popular.

With a history of formation and development over time, poker at Malaysia online casino has also created a movement with a large number of favorite players.

Appearing at the end of the 19th century in the US, Poker was then played with a deck of 20 cards and has grown to many different types of play to date. With nearly 200 years of development history, many types of poker are formed continuously, the most prominent are Holdem, Omaha (each player holds 2 cards and has 5 cards on the table), Mau war (each person hold 13 cards arranged in 3 sets of 5 to 5, respectively, Poker (each player is dealt 5 cards).

More prominent than other genres, Holdem is famous and most loved. From underground casinos in New York, Chicago, LA, etc. managed by mafia bosses to home games including many acquaintances, Poker Holdem gradually became famous and well known to many players. However, Poker was only famous and formed a global phenomenon thanks to the WSOP (World Series of Poker) tournament in 1970.

Books about the strategy of playing Poker were also published, the most famous of which were The Theory of Poker, Psychology, and gestures of players when playing Poker at online casinos.

Tactics contribute up to 80% when playing online Blackjack (Part 2)

The judgment is the first thing you need to have when
playing Blackjack online

It is often said that in gambling, the lucky factor contributes to 90% of the win. This is true for most types of cards but in Blackjack, the player element is the most important. This factor is shown by the tactics when you participate in any game like this. It is no coincidence that older and more experienced players always win at this Malaysia online casino game.

Blackjack is a game with many simple rules, but if you want to become a good online blackjack player and make a lot of money from it is never easy. If you want to win this game, you need to have a proper strategy, and once you master all of your tactics, working daily with a few bottles will be real.

The first thing to play effectively in Blackjack is to calculate your hand. The advantage of card calculation is that you can base on the single factor to adjust the best bet. When you have the advantage of winning, you should increase the bet, and when you are at a disadvantage, you should reduce the bet to a low right and always.

However, if you look overall, the number of times you lose is more than the number of victories, so once the judgment has a chance to win, you must not miss it but need to increase the amount of bet to increase the win rate.

Is luck determined to win Blackjack?

In Blackjack, luck may play a very important role, but the playing technique is the key to success in this Blackjack. Usually the cards that are dealt to each person are random, while playing cards drawn from the bottom, making it impossible to judge.

Therefore, the draw depends entirely on the luck of the player. No one can choose a card, so the player’s decision will determine the outcome of the game. When checking your hand, if you see an 18-20 score, you should stop because at that time our odds of winning are 90%.

The ability to be assertive in the process of opening or drawing cards is only due to the technical agility of the player, besides it also needs to be reckless, if you have these things, your ability to win is achieved 70% already.

Tactics contribute up to 80% when playing online Blackjack (Part 1)

A lot of people who play real money at online casino often lose and often blame bad luck and they don’t know very much, there are many big players win from online Blackjack games because there are The logical play strategy, plus a little more luck, the victory is completely not difficult, if you try to learn more. Plus some logical tactics then of course you will become a true master.

Is luck a decisive factor in BlackJack online?

In online gambling, no one can deny the luck that plays an important role in winning or losing a player in a game, this may be true for games like Dice, Baccarat or Dragon Tiger but with Blacjack, luck will only contribute 20% of your victory. And it always shows that you are given the first two cards.

The probability of you getting 2 cards with a total score of 18 – 20 is either 20 points or blackjack (Blackjack) is only 20% and this will be the luck of each player. And there is more than 80% remaining that you get 2 initial cards with only a score of 17 or less. This point is not safe and requires you to have a strategy to play Blackjack online.

You can put yourself in many cases to be verified, when playing Blackjack online, how many times will there be 2 cards with the first score from 18-20 in 10 cards? and vice versa, how many times the score of 17 points or less will you get?

Good tactics help you 80% win

When playing Blackjack, the luck factor is only 20%, so the remaining 80% will depend on what, the answer will be answered by you, as long as you have the determination to learn, have the skills to play. true, 80% of the victory will belong to you and of course while gambling, if you win 80% then you have completely won.

Understand more about online casino games online (Part 2)

Malaysia online casino games are now very diverse and rich. Especially with the competition of game providers along with the mushrooming of online casinos, it is possible that about 1000 new games launched every month.

This creates an abundance for players to choose but at the same time also bewildering when they do not know which games to play, which ones are more profitable and which ones are easy to play with high entertainment.

The more you should know about promotions, bonuses or online casino tutorials, the easier it is for you to get the chance to participate and win afterward. Almost all casinos already offer slot games, but as soon as you want to try it, you should also find out about other online casino games that are available right away. Roulette for roulette, video poker and many other available games, you are sure you will love them.

You need to search for the golden rules when playing online casino games to win and make money. This is the leading real money card game today with lots of participants from around the world.

It seems like common advice, but you guys will be surprised, many people think they have a lot of luck and how good you are or how experienced you are. No matter how much you play in these types of gambling, or whatever technique you are using, remember that online casino has existed for a long time. And the final point is that the win is always on the Casino, even if you have an immediate win, but eventually you will lose. Be aware of this yourself so that you can have a clearer idea of ​​playing cards at online casino rooms.

Play online casino online

This article has been talking about online casino games for a large number of players before entering online casino and playing real money, with many things that we have introduced, at the end of this article. I hope that you will also be able to bring yourself full of certain victories. I wish you luck and good luck!