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Sports betting and other games at M88 online casino

Sports betting is a strong product of this online casino. You will be overwhelmed by the variety of the games offered by this Malaysia online casino. Just this much will make you spend a lot of time to experience all kinds of betting.

These products include 3 product categories. They are M Sports, Sports, and Virtual Sports. You can play any sports betting platform you like. Each floor has a unique feature that meets the criteria of many different types of players.

In addition to sports, the online casino games are also interesting and attractive at the M88 bookie. At M88, you can enjoy a variety of simulations of major casino games such as Blackjack, Fortune, Baccarat, or Roulette.

The online casino games are also interesting and attractive at the M88 bookie

These are games that will make you feel like you are fighting at casinos with live technology. And whether you play casino with real people or virtual people, the experience is very nice.

Slot games

Slots games are inherently popular at casinos and are also available at M88 with thousands of games with a variety of themes and styles. Slots games promise to please even the most demanding players because the vendors have created all kinds of games (and the quality of the game is also very good).

Category of M88 Casino games

Surely you will be overwhelmed with the system of lots and interesting games at the M88 dealer in the slot game/explosion section.

Types of Keno & Lottery

Besides, the dealer M88 also offers keno and lottery games for those who are passionate about gambling with fantasy numbers.

Outstanding advantages

It can be said that, with the M88 dealer, the professional interface has made it easy for players to grasp even for beginners. That is the absolute advantage and also the top criteria of this Malaysia online casino.

M88 betting website is designed to be user-friendly, so even if you join the first time you can easily register, top-up, bet, and withdraw money…

The M88 online game application is suitable for both Android and iOS operating systems, so players can safely bet anytime, anywhere with their mobile device.

Is the M88 online casino reputable? Should players play at M88 or not?

Currently, M88 is considered as one of the four large-scale bookmakers in the market today in Asia and Europe. M88’s management company, London-based Mansion, is home to the world’s first sports betting and exciting online casino games.

M88 was born in 2004, up to now this online casino has 13 years of operation, this can show how prestigious M88 is. Because building and maintaining a brand over the years is not easy. M88 has maintained outstanding quality for more than a decade before market changes, technology, and sports games also show how reliable M88 is.

After trying out a lot of bookmakers myself, I have seen M88 very experienced in handling and many great features to support the betting experience of users. For example, the payment is quick and easy.

The M88 bookmaker is registered at The Enterprise Center Tower two, 6766 Ayala Avenue Corner Paseo de Roxas Makati City, Manila with a registration license issued by the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority, is Asia’s leading bookmaker. There are more than 2 hundred officers working, carrying the ranks of accepting bets, executive board, and supporting customers.

M88 is the official sponsor of the football club in the English Premier League, the 5th beer tournament, the World Futsal Championship in Kuala Lumpur, and has recently been the most recent sponsor of and Tiger Football Street. 2011 with a total sponsorship amount of more than 100 million USD (sponsorship for Tottenham alone is 64.38 million USD). M88 is a place you can trust and rest assured.

M88 is a reputable online casino

M88 has gradually asserted its position and brand name as well as its prestige although it has just been operating in the Asian market not long. Therefore, M88 is also one of the prestigious bookmakers in 2018 that attracts a lot of players to join.

M88 is one of the most reputable online casinos nowadays

Besides, there is also enthusiastic support staff. Not only that, but this house also has a security system and the data is always completely safe because the dealer M88 uses 128-bit encryption for its security system.

As can be seen, M88 is one of the most reputable online casinos nowadays. It is a good choice to choose this Malaysia online casino to play your favorite casino games. Good luck!

Guide to playing baccarat in M88 online casino

How to play baccarat casino at M88 bookie? Is it as easy to play as a 3-card scratch card in Malaysia?

These are the questions that many new online card players learn about the M88 casino that plays Baccarat online or ask. To help you play Baccarat online at M88 easily, the following article will guide you by the article below.

Guide to playing baccarat in M88 online casino

Follow 3 steps below to join Baccarat at M88 Malaysia online casino.

Step 1: Log in to W88 website and select Online Casino

First, players need to log into the m88 dealer website through the link to m88.

Step 2: Choose your favorite viewing mode at M88 casino

There are 5 modes for you to choose from including Vip Lobby, 3D, 2D, multi-table betting, 3D 7 seats. You can choose any model you like (in this article I choose 3D). Here if you choose Vip Lobby, there will be a much bigger bet than the rooms available. Choosing the 3D model will have a more attractive animated design interface.

Step 3: Select the table and bet limit

There are 3 Baccarat tables, numbered in the order of 1,2, 3 and 1 number 8 is 7 Up Baccarat. Players can choose any table. After clicking Enter to play at the tables for Baccarat (Select table number 1), continue to select betting limits.

There are 6 levels of betting limit, of which 3 are normal and 3 are without commission. Since I am new to how to play, I should choose the minimum limit of 25 and a maximum of 2,500.

Step 4: Place a bet

The game at Baccarat is similar to the 3-card scratch card in Malaysia. There are 3 doors for players to bet including Dealer, Player, Tie.

When you place a bet on 1 of 3 doors and press the bet confirmation button, the Dealer will begin dealing. The party with the higher score wins but the total score equal to 9 is the greatest. If the total score is greater than 9, then drop the score from the tens and only take the points in units to compare points.

To better understand the rules of the game as well as how to play Baccarat to make money, please refer to our baccarat tutorial to learn more. Wish you success with Baccarat!

Instructions to play Baccarat at the house M88 (Part 2)

Basically the game is not too different from the table introduced at the Playtech area, players receive an example money, try to bet the rules, the rules of the table and the atmosphere of the table.

At this table, there are only 23 gates including Banker, Player and Tie, there are no additional bet doors, players can bet on all 3 doors at the same time without any problem.

In these two areas, if you want to play for real money, instead of clicking the Try Now button like when playing for free, you just need to press the Play now button. The way to play is exactly the same as when you try it, except that you use real money to play, if you win you can withdraw money instead of playing with ‘fake money’ like when you play for free.

Hướng dẫn chơi Baccarat tại nhà cái M88

The Baccarat card game has many tables in this area of ​​the M88 dealer. The Blackjack game was even wiped out by the M88, but the number of Baccarat tables increased with different playing styles. The attractiveness of card games similar to scratch has never diminished.

The tables here have the largest, minimum bet of only $ 1, and the largest is large enough for even the richest players. From classic Baccarat to playable Squeeze (Squeeze Baccarat), all M88 bring it to its online casino.


In addition, players can also play in the multi-table betting area, 3 tables are displayed on 1 screen and players bet simultaneously at all 3 tables to speed up the player who is grinding.

Make sure you access the correct link to the M88 exact website. If not, your deposit may not be in the right place and you cannot place a bet. Visit the website with the M88 link provided by us to start your Baccarat games safely and happily.

Instructions to play Baccarat at the house M88 (Part 1)

At a big house, famous and prestigious like M88, Baccarat game is brought to players in many different regions, different forms for different groups of players.

At the house M88, there are many areas for players to join the Baccarat tables for free, the games are organized as usual, the player is given a sizable sum of money to play comfortably entertaining or practice, improve your skills and play tactics.

Playtech is one of the largest bookmakers on the game providers market, with over 5,000 full-time employees in over 10 different countries. Many bookmakers have separate areas for their games and M88 is one of them.

Baccarat can be found on the Cards & Table toolbar, along with other card games and table games like Blackjack, Roulette, etc.

To play for free, click the Try button in the lower right corner when you hover over the game selection area. Each person is offered $ 2000 hypothetical bet to bet at this table. After playing all the games, you can turn them off and on again for $ 2000 so don’t worry.

The background color of the table can be selected at the COLOR button in the upper left corner of the dealer’s coin tray. The coin size is selected in the area at the bottom left corner of the screen.

In addition to the usual Banker, Player and Tie bets, there are other betting options, such as Player Player with double (Player Pair), any pair (EITHER PAIR) …

After the bet is finished, press the DEAL button to start the game. After the end of the game, press the REBET AND DEAL button to bet exactly the same as the previous game and deal cards immediately, the REBET button to place a bet like the previous game but do not deal but wait for you to correct the bets and only start when You press the DEAL button.

Initially, when you visit this area, the games are arranged in a lobby and you select Cards & Tables to find a Baccarat table. However, this area is also divided into separate halls, each of which has games from a separate vendor: Glass Hall has Microgaming games, similar to Pragmatic Play’s Mars, and Neptune’s Habanero, Saturn of Genesis Gaming and Jupiter have iSoftbet games.

There are many different tables but most are the same, so just an example from the supplier Pragmatic Play is enough.

HappyLuke – Reputable dealer in European market

If W88, M88, 188Bet, Fun88 are known to a large number of players who are Asian bookmakers operating in the market specializing in football betting and online casino.

Come to HappyLuke you can experience thousands of attractive slot games. And slot game room fun is very hot on the market today.

Provide a variety of casino gambling categories:

  • Baccarat scratch cards
  • Blackjack
  • Poker
  • Roulette
  • Fortune dice

All HappyLuke dealer casino games have live dealers. Are all beautiful hot girls.

Deposit and withdraw money: Quickly

  • The advantage of HappyLuke over other casinos is the speed of depositing money into the account and withdrawing win money extremely fast.
  • Pay from 3 to 5 minutes as the house immediately updated the money in the account.
  • With only from 30 minutues to 2 hours of withdrawal order, the money is transferred immediately to your bank account.
  • Many attractive promotions: Super Bonus more than 200% welcome new members

Customer care department: Enthusiastic and thoughtful

  • HappyLuke has a very professional customer care department
  • When you need an answer, an instant online chat agent will assist you
  • You can ask all questions from how to play the game, what are the house’s promotions, how to pay, withdraw winnings …
  • Just click on the online chat icon and you will have an instant answer.

Information security: Absolutely safe

Because of the confidentiality of information is extremely important that players are always interested in. Therefore, HappyLuke besides focusing on improving the betting system, the security is also a top priority.

At the HappyLuke dealer, players will be absolutely safe and secure all personal information, transaction history, bank account numbers … Because HappyLuke is a Swedish company, all activities are in accordance with the house rules of Europe, the security of information will be strictly regulated.

From the above advantages, the prestigious bookstore HapppyLuke deserves for you to register an account to play, and enjoy attractive promotions services according to European standards that other bookies do not have.

Some reputable online casino players should know

Currently, there are many online casinos and bookmakers operating in the world market. Do not rush to find any dealer if you do not want to lose money or not fully enjoy the game. So, remember the list of the most prestigious online bookies in the world today.

Online games come into our entertainment life as a common sense when all the elements around them reach the desired requirements. Now we can easily play both familiar and familiar games at reputable online casinos. The online casino platform is where people are relaxed, very comfortable and adventure with the feeling of victory and defeat as participating in the actual game.

The name of a reputable online casino says it all that novice amateurs or professional players are aiming for. In these online casinos, players like to participate directly in the big casinos in the world such as Las Vegas, Macau, Hong Kong (China), … Online games such as gambling, betting are spin live at these great casinos and push up online apps for players from all over to join.


Fun88 is a bookmaker launched towards the online gambling market in Asia, focusing mainly in Hong Kong, Macau, China, Thailand, … This is one of the few reputable online casinos. Partner with the world’s leading security network company.

Thanks to that, the safety and confidential information of the players are always placed on the highest position. Here, you absolutely can relax your mind and adventure with extremely new experiences. More than 100 online casino games ready to serve players.


Although the interface design is not really impressive as other online casino sites, the games that this house offers strangely really win the hearts of the players. Weekly, monthly, the house organizes special promotions to thank the players. All deposit and withdrawal transactions are easy and have specific instructions. Nowhere else can you join the authentic online red and black games like at W88. All deposit and withdrawal transactions are easy and have specific instructions.


From sports betting to online international casinos, M88 are geared towards serving players. A lot of badly divided games divided into many different game genres will definitely not disappoint players.

Between M88 and 188Bet, which house should a player choose? (Part 1)

Choosing a reputable house is a method of soccer betting that is important for football betting players. The standard elements for betting bookmakers are the need to have a valid operating license, what types of games the house offers, how to deposit and withdraw money, Malaysian language support, care. Online customers and promotions. If you have researched, you will surely know about 2 reputable football bookmakers rated as the best today: 188Bet and M88.

Almost these 2 bookmakers are mentioned by players and do not distinguish which is better. Therefore, new players often encounter difficulties when making decisions on which house to choose. So should choose 188Bet or M88? Let’s compare the 2 most prestigious bookmakers to choose the suitable house.

Compare M88 and 188Bet

Advantages of M88

Over the years, the m88 bookmaker is one of the most deserved bookmakers in Asia, because the style of football betting is very interesting and attractive with a lot of games, M88 is a suitable bookmaker with most Asian, European and Asian Handicap odds. Players participating in M88 can choose the type of rafters suitable for countries such as Hongkong, Indo, Maly, with many football leagues from Europe such as England, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, … Euro and football leagues in Asia such as Sea Game, Asia and the biggest football tournament on the planet World Cup.

All football betting players via the link to M88 are satisfied by the easy and fast deposit and withdrawal process, M88 has support for depositing and withdrawing money through popular banks and only Within an hour, you will be able to receive winning bets through very simple orders. The support is also available during the time the gambler participates until the bet is received, just ask for online support within 1 minute will have the house team to answer questions very graciously. and enthusiasm.

Not stopping there, the betting products at the house M88 also has many online casino games for real money such as Outlet, Blackjack, Seahorse, etc.