A lot of people who play real money at online casino often lose and often blame bad luck and they don’t know very much, there are many big players win from online Blackjack games because there are The logical play strategy, plus a little more luck, the victory is completely not difficult, if you try to learn more. Plus some logical tactics then of course you will become a true master.

Is luck a decisive factor in BlackJack online?

In online gambling, no one can deny the luck that plays an important role in winning or losing a player in a game, this may be true for games like Dice, Baccarat or Dragon Tiger but with Blacjack, luck will only contribute 20% of your victory. And it always shows that you are given the first two cards.

The probability of you getting 2 cards with a total score of 18 – 20 is either 20 points or blackjack (Blackjack) is only 20% and this will be the luck of each player. And there is more than 80% remaining that you get 2 initial cards with only a score of 17 or less. This point is not safe and requires you to have a strategy to play Blackjack online.

You can put yourself in many cases to be verified, when playing Blackjack online, how many times will there be 2 cards with the first score from 18-20 in 10 cards? and vice versa, how many times the score of 17 points or less will you get?

Good tactics help you 80% win

When playing Blackjack, the luck factor is only 20%, so the remaining 80% will depend on what, the answer will be answered by you, as long as you have the determination to learn, have the skills to play. true, 80% of the victory will belong to you and of course while gambling, if you win 80% then you have completely won.