Besides Baccarat, Roulette, Blackjack, Poker … Sicbo is also one of the most popular online casino games today by betting as many as you like, unlimited bet. However, playing Sicbo is not easy because not everyone knows how to control the score. Let’s see the experience of playing Sicbo shared by the masters.

The smallest score in the dice Sicbo game is 3 points, its highest score is 18 points. The important thing you need to do is know how to judge the score from 3 to 18 points so that the probability of winning is highest and bet. However, this judgment is not a coincidence but rather based on the results of previous bets.

For example, in the previous game with a result of 3, 3, 6, we can calculate that the probability of the result returned in the next game with a score of 3 is relatively small. In addition, players can rely on the difference between the smallest score and the highest score to determine the outcome of the next game.

Dice moves consist of many methods, but the first is how to fold the dice because it affects the score when rolled. The most common method of arranging dice is in a V-shape, which is to bring 3 points of the two dice together so the letter V: 6 points will face up, 6 points will be the front, the back will be 8 points on the face, 8 points on the underside.

All dice shakes need to be connected and there is a mismatch, absolutely do not make the dice elasticity appear otherwise the results will be drastically changed. In Sicbo game, the basic rule to control the dice score is that each shake uses a certain method of grabbing the dice. The goal is to change the randomness when the dice score is considered by everyone.