How to play baccarat casino at M88 bookie? Is it as easy to play as a 3-card scratch card in Malaysia?

These are the questions that many new online card players learn about the M88 casino that plays Baccarat online or ask. To help you play Baccarat online at M88 easily, the following article will guide you by the article below.

Guide to playing baccarat in M88 online casino

Follow 3 steps below to join Baccarat at M88 Malaysia online casino.

Step 1: Log in to W88 website and select Online Casino

First, players need to log into the m88 dealer website through the link to m88.

Step 2: Choose your favorite viewing mode at M88 casino

There are 5 modes for you to choose from including Vip Lobby, 3D, 2D, multi-table betting, 3D 7 seats. You can choose any model you like (in this article I choose 3D). Here if you choose Vip Lobby, there will be a much bigger bet than the rooms available. Choosing the 3D model will have a more attractive animated design interface.

Step 3: Select the table and bet limit

There are 3 Baccarat tables, numbered in the order of 1,2, 3 and 1 number 8 is 7 Up Baccarat. Players can choose any table. After clicking Enter to play at the tables for Baccarat (Select table number 1), continue to select betting limits.

There are 6 levels of betting limit, of which 3 are normal and 3 are without commission. Since I am new to how to play, I should choose the minimum limit of 25 and a maximum of 2,500.

Step 4: Place a bet

The game at Baccarat is similar to the 3-card scratch card in Malaysia. There are 3 doors for players to bet including Dealer, Player, Tie.

When you place a bet on 1 of 3 doors and press the bet confirmation button, the Dealer will begin dealing. The party with the higher score wins but the total score equal to 9 is the greatest. If the total score is greater than 9, then drop the score from the tens and only take the points in units to compare points.

To better understand the rules of the game as well as how to play Baccarat to make money, please refer to our baccarat tutorial to learn more. Wish you success with Baccarat!