Currently, there are many betting sites that cheat players, which makes the player does not know which book is the most reputable to bet. Here are some criteria to choose a prestigious online casino. Remember, losing a bet is one thing, winning a bet and not getting your money back is another.

Here are criteria of recognition identify prestigious online casinos.

1. Is the online casino registered?

To assess the most prestigious casino bookie today, you should find out where the house is registered. A reputable bookie must be licensed by a competent authority.

The business of the Malaysia online casino is under the supervision of the government of the country where the house is registered, which determines whether your investment is safe or not.

Usually, you can find this information in the “About us” section of the Web site. Licensed bookmakers must adhere to regulations set by the licensing authority to keep their organization cleaner.

2. Is the customer support system and other services available?

The main factor of concern is the customer support contact system. If the house is the most prestigious, of course, it will invest a lot in care and customer contact. The dealer must have an effective Customer Service, which is available 24 hours a day and is easily accessible by phone, fax, email and other online chat programs.

Betting players need to check customer service before signing up for an account. You have to see which contact forms the house supports: Phone, email, Livechat, etc. Especially Livechat because that is the best way to contact your issues and will be answered and solved in a way.

3. Number of rafts and odds

With the number of soccer contracts and various tournaments, the fun will increase a lot and of course you will also have more choices for betting. The most prestigious bookies often offer customers a number of tournaments around the world.

Odds directly affect the profitability of the bookmaker as well as you if you win football betting. For the same match, a different website will offer different odds. The higher the ratio, the greater your profit if you win.

4. Is the betting site a member of IBAS?

IBAS is an independent organization and has a voice and authority to handle unresolved disputes between the house and the customer. Many dealers have joined IBAS to protect their customers. This is also the criteria to evaluate the reputation of the website you join.


The above are some ways to identify which house is the most prestigious that our shares. Hopefully this article will be somewhat helpful for you in finding a reputable bookmaker to gamble.