I know that when playing online casino games, whether playing slots, playing cards, or other games like Roulette, Sicbo … the results are completely transparent and public if you play at the house. as big and prestigious as I introduced.

However, many people are still wondering about this, and only trust games with real dealers, with clear forms of verification to believe. And moreover, these games also feel much more like a ‘casino’ than other games.

Live Dealers

When participating in online bookmakers, you are participating in a casino. Only this casino acts completely different from the actual casinos. It is based on a technology platform to connect players to the house. The system is organized in a completely transparent and fair manner, properly supervised by governmental organizations, not some underground organizations as many people think. There are corporations of up to thousands of full-time employees.

Connecting players and dealers via the internet, technically almost with the current technology is absolutely no problem. These questions need a clearer and more specific answer than just explaining how transparent the online casino system is, how it is controlled. Because players don’t know where the system is, how it works, they don’t want to find it out, they trust them, they play, or they stop.

Live Dealers

With the purpose of highlighting transparency, and bringing a realistic casino atmosphere to the players, Live Dealers games are operated based on live broadcast technology, with outstanding advantages.

The games start normally like when playing at the house, real cards, real roulette, real dice, live dealer. It’s just that players connect via the Internet and bet by clicking instead of using chips like at casinos.

If you are wondering whether this is a live video or a pre-set video, rest assured, dealers always have a phone in front of them, a number, you can call to see if it rings a bell. Or not.