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Experience winning mobile online casino for beginners

Mobile online casino is the online card game on the phone with many attractive and attractive screen. Compared to entertainment on computers, playing cards on the phone is not only fun but also convenient because the compact device makes it easy to type anywhere.

For mobile online casino players just starting out need a lot of experience to win? If you are interested in this issue, please find out through the following article.

Currently, mobile online casino games have many types of cards, including Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat, Roullette. Each card game on the phone is clearly defined by the bookmakers and given specific playing instructions. In addition, all card games are designed vividly and eye-catching to attract players.

The following are the popular online mobile casino games:


This is a favorite genre of card game, played similar to poker game of Malaysia and the player must go through 4 rounds of play. Poker cards are not fully opened and the player must fight to win. The prize money of this genre is very high, some people become billionaires thanks to Poker.


This type of card is also known as blackjack. This card is important as to how much you bet and how many points the 2 cards add up to win. If the score is below 16, you have the right to draw another card. The highest point of Blackjack is 2 blackjack.


This is a card game genre that many players choose to entertain on their phones. With this type of card, the player has 3 cards, plus the one who is the best at winning.

Which bookmakers have mobile casino online game?

There are now a lot of house dealers organizing card games for players besides entertainment on the computer. This helps them attract a significant number of visitors because this is the era of digital technology. Some bookmakers have online mobile casino games which are:


M88 is a bookmaker that specializes in soccer, casino and lottery games. M88 has a version on the phone, so it makes it easy for players to participate in entertainment here.


This is also the house that offers mobile card games for players with a variety of cards: Poker, Baccarat, Roullette, Blackjack. Dafabet gives players the chance to win with a high odds…


FB88 is a reputable casino and sports house in Europe and Asia. With Fb88, players are free to entertain with many different types of cards to earn a small amount of money if they play well.


This is a reputable dealer for players to play casino on the phone. Dozens of interesting types of cards waiting for you to join. The betting odds of this house are from low to high depending on the type of card so you are completely assured when you entertain here.

How to play sic bo at online casino? (Part 2)

4. High physical charge

For every game won, you will only receive 98.5% of the wager, 1.5% or more will be deducted. It sounds a little but look a little further you will be startled with it.

The odds of winning are 50% equally divided among each door, so suppose you play 100 games, including 50 wins and 50 losses, what happens?

An overview of these websites, that players pay money, rushed into each other. The people behind the websites just keep collecting the percentage in each game.

As a result, the player loses the game without knowing who the winner is, in fact, no one wins. There were 2 cups, one full of water, pouring back and forth each time dropping a little bit (that’s the fee they collected), one at a time. Players are bewildered because everyone loses money.

Play the driven at online balls

If you already know the weaknesses of Malaysian websites that offer online gambling, then the following are the advantages you get when playing gambling at Malaysia online casino.

1. Multiple bets

Tai and under are just two of the many sic bo betting places, and there are many others that have ‘not yet been tested’. Stakes such as odd / even, triple, or pair, double bets have great definitions and attractive payout rates that you have never known.

2. Free withdrawal of cash

Financial transactions with the house are completed quickly and accurately, without spending a penny of money and winnings straight to your bank account. There are no fees or troubles when making deposits.

3. Transparency is assured

Online bookmakers offer professional betting games. Therefore, the management of each online casino is strictly implemented, from software to operation, promotion, money and financial transactions.

Unified supervisory organizations across the globe, ensuring that bookmakers are operating legally and transparently at the same time , a commitment to absolute fairness to every player.

4. Do not except charge through every player

There are no fees during deposit, wagering and withdrawal. You bet on a bet with a payout of 1 time, you get exactly 1 time, no deduction.

Recharge 100 thousand you have 100 thousand in your account, play up to 200,000 you withdraw to the bank exactly 200,000, without any ridiculous fee.

How to play sic bo at online casino? (Part 1)

Sic bo is essentially a betting game that has a history of thousands of years from eastern civilization, originated from China.

So far, the game with only 3 simple dice is present in all casinos in the world, including Malaysia online casinos and always crowded with people betting.

There are a lot of real money gambling websites that currently allow players to bet on their own system, but these sites are mostly organized with disguised gambling games and are quite limited.

If you pay a little attention, you will see that these websites exist because players do not know other forms, but the fact that they have too many defects.

1. No cash payment port

Because they are disguised websites, they can never provide cash transfer methods such as bank transfer. They are forced through other payment gateways to bypass law.

The player definitely has trouble withdrawing winnings, while refilling too easily. In fact, the exchange of money in accounts to cash must go through the black market, not very stable and often subject to price pressure.

2. There are only two betting ways

Still the game faint, but here the player can only put on two doors are over or under, ie the total score of 3 dice is greater or smaller 11.

Why is this a weakness? Because 3 dice can form dozens of different bets to choose from, not just 2 boring ones. If you read the information about online letou reviews in this article, you will understand why.

3. Question mark for transparency

These websites are very difficult to assess that they are really transparent, without any organization taking responsibility for protecting players here.

The software system is even more closely monitored and no one knows what they do with it. How dare they be sure they don’t control the outcome, how can they know they won’t cheat to make a profit faster?

A lot of people return their bets after each game, in theory, if the 2 doors are not ‘weighed’, the excess will be returned to the betmaker. However, no one knows who is bounced back, other than the website operators, if they cheat, i guarantee that no one will manage it.

An indispensable element of online Baccarat players

An indispensable element of the people playing Baccarat online that is temperament, psychology during playing. Once successful, you can become an ancient right away. I feel this sentence is very suitable to visualize this online casino game.

In such a vast world of betting, the people who really get a profit from this activity in general, playing Baccarat online, in particular, are less, it is not easy to get profit from the casino online if we don’t have the best preparation. Betting is a professional activity, unlike many other areas where betting is divided into many small categories, such as money management, discipline, and mood…

Most people think that mood is the most important thing, but I personally feel the most important is the inherent human nature. There are questions that Giang Son is easy to change and difficult to move. Even if you always remind yourself to follow your plan, there will be a time when you will not be able to control yourself. If the temperament cannot change better, I would recommend that you quit playing at this online casino, because in the long term, light, it can cost money, heavy, you can evaluate bankruptcy. There are many players who often say that their temperament is very good, but they still cannot win money. Surely many of you have confused the concept of mood and nature as well. In my opinion, the mood is a less volatile state, and the nature can be converted into 7 offenses.

This is something that every newcomer and Baccarat expert must know, this lesson has nothing to do with complex genres like functions. It’s just that you have to understand a morality, there is no string without breaking, there is no dead end, this chain breaks but we need to divert the harvest to other series. This is a cycle in accordance with the laws of nature, this circle will be connected to each other, support each other, I call it the eternal.

The percentage of results in each game is exactly the same, whether you play 1 game or 10 games, the ratio does not change, sometimes there are more surrounding factors that affect your own judgment. You lead to results that also change.

In addition, there are elements of intelligence and intelligence that are not included in the educational curriculum, even if you have genius, it is not sure. Just a saying, if there are 10 listeners, there will certainly be 10 different conclusions, the time they make conclusions is not the same. That’s why in this world there is a distinction between good and evil. You try to reflect on yourself, whether you own or have ever been intellectual property like this. If not, then I recommend playing less or not playing anymore.

HappyLuke – Reputable dealer in European market

If W88, M88, 188Bet, Fun88 are known to a large number of players who are Asian bookmakers operating in the market specializing in football betting and online casino.

Come to HappyLuke you can experience thousands of attractive slot games. And slot game room fun is very hot on the market today.

Provide a variety of casino gambling categories:

  • Baccarat scratch cards
  • Blackjack
  • Poker
  • Roulette
  • Fortune dice

All HappyLuke dealer casino games have live dealers. Are all beautiful hot girls.

Deposit and withdraw money: Quickly

  • The advantage of HappyLuke over other casinos is the speed of depositing money into the account and withdrawing win money extremely fast.
  • Pay from 3 to 5 minutes as the house immediately updated the money in the account.
  • With only from 30 minutues to 2 hours of withdrawal order, the money is transferred immediately to your bank account.
  • Many attractive promotions: Super Bonus more than 200% welcome new members

Customer care department: Enthusiastic and thoughtful

  • HappyLuke has a very professional customer care department
  • When you need an answer, an instant online chat agent will assist you
  • You can ask all questions from how to play the game, what are the house’s promotions, how to pay, withdraw winnings …
  • Just click on the online chat icon and you will have an instant answer.

Information security: Absolutely safe

Because of the confidentiality of information is extremely important that players are always interested in. Therefore, HappyLuke besides focusing on improving the betting system, the security is also a top priority.

At the HappyLuke dealer, players will be absolutely safe and secure all personal information, transaction history, bank account numbers … Because HappyLuke is a Swedish company, all activities are in accordance with the house rules of Europe, the security of information will be strictly regulated.

From the above advantages, the prestigious bookstore HapppyLuke deserves for you to register an account to play, and enjoy attractive promotions services according to European standards that other bookies do not have.

Experience to identify the most prestigious online casino

Currently, there are many betting sites that cheat players, which makes the player does not know which book is the most reputable to bet. Here are some criteria to choose a prestigious online casino. Remember, losing a bet is one thing, winning a bet and not getting your money back is another.

Here are criteria of recognition identify prestigious online casinos.

1. Is the online casino registered?

To assess the most prestigious casino bookie today, you should find out where the house is registered. A reputable bookie must be licensed by a competent authority.

The business of the Malaysia online casino is under the supervision of the government of the country where the house is registered, which determines whether your investment is safe or not.

Usually, you can find this information in the “About us” section of the Web site. Licensed bookmakers must adhere to regulations set by the licensing authority to keep their organization cleaner.

2. Is the customer support system and other services available?

The main factor of concern is the customer support contact system. If the house is the most prestigious, of course, it will invest a lot in care and customer contact. The dealer must have an effective Customer Service, which is available 24 hours a day and is easily accessible by phone, fax, email and other online chat programs.

Betting players need to check customer service before signing up for an account. You have to see which contact forms the house supports: Phone, email, Livechat, etc. Especially Livechat because that is the best way to contact your issues and will be answered and solved in a way.

3. Number of rafts and odds

With the number of soccer contracts and various tournaments, the fun will increase a lot and of course you will also have more choices for betting. The most prestigious bookies often offer customers a number of tournaments around the world.

Odds directly affect the profitability of the bookmaker as well as you if you win football betting. For the same match, a different website will offer different odds. The higher the ratio, the greater your profit if you win.

4. Is the betting site a member of IBAS?

IBAS is an independent organization and has a voice and authority to handle unresolved disputes between the house and the customer. Many dealers have joined IBAS to protect their customers. This is also the criteria to evaluate the reputation of the website you join.


The above are some ways to identify which house is the most prestigious that our shares. Hopefully this article will be somewhat helpful for you in finding a reputable bookmaker to gamble.

How to increase the odds of winning at an online casino

No one plays gambling for money without ever winning, though more or less, but surely there will be long-time gamblers have lost a small amount.

So how to increase the number of victories and the amount of money you win is greater than the number of losses as well as the number of losses, this is the key of all problems. In gambling, player psychology is very important, when players control their own mood and keep calm in all situations, as the player was able to minimize the influence of others. up himself. But the impact from the elements around the player always exists in the online casino.

Players will probably notice a little, casino dealers can use body language such as hand movements as well as intonation of words to indirectly encourage players to place bets. the direction they want, the player who does not take precautions will be more easily affected and likely to bet more in a state of low mental alertness that leads to the wrong decision. However, if the player has a firm stance, seriously comply with the plans that he had set out earlier, for example, each bet can only bet how much, the limit of winning and losing which you allow yourself, if you reach these two thresholds, you must leave the table.

Online casino game players must keep their principles, then the charms in the casino will become much less effective, this is also a way to protect yourself from dangerous temptations. Obviously, in the confrontation with the casino, the player is not completely tied to the weak, but still has certain advantages, only that the players know how to promote the advantages that belong to themselves, never give a chance for the casino to take advantage of psychological weaknesses that could strike back. Wise is always needed in every arena.

How to win when playing Baccarat at online casino?

In fact, there is no magic formula that can guarantee you will definitely win Baccarat (because if it did, the bookmakers would have gone bankrupt). However, there are some basic tips that can help you improve your chances of winning a bet by minimizing silly mistakes. You can focus on playing more that you can refer to some tips as follows.

Understand your bets

Make sure you understand your bets at Malaysia online casino to make sure you don’t make a stupid mistake.

The basic rule is that the higher the bonus, the harder it will be to win. So many players often prefer to combine Their wagers between low bonus, low risk and high bonus, high risk. You should understand the odds and also make choices based on your play style and personal preferences.

For example, players who prefer a more stable income will choose lower risk bets such as Banker or Player. On the contrary, if the players like to take risks to get big bonuses, they can choose Tie.

Protect your money

This means you understand the limits of the table and you maintain the stake within the amount you are willing to pay. Bet limits will be displayed at each table with the minimum and maximum numbers.

Before officially joining the game, you should also have a plan and stick to it. Are you willing to bet lower but more times to be more likely to win? According to the law of probability, keeping bets low but repeated will be more likely to guarantee a win for you.

Plan for winning

If you win, what will you do? Will you spend all the money you win to play another day or do you want to exchange cash and take it home immediately? Plan it and stick to it.


If you are completely new, you can take the time to practice first without having to deposit to familiarize yourself with the rules and situations of the possible. You can try the free online versions to see how you can play and whether you are confident enough to switch to playing for real money.

What is the history of the most popular casino game?

Roulette is one of the most popular online casino gambling games and is enjoyed by many players around the world.

However, the origin of this game is still not very clear. The majority believe that the game emerged from the 17th century then changed several versions. And the trend of playing online Roulette with real money began to be available at Inter Casino in 1996 and became increasingly popular with more and more suppliers.

Roulette is one of the oldest games in the history of betting and is known by many players. Researchers believe that the origin of Roulette originates when there are myths and beliefs that God spins the wheel of fate to determine human life.

Many people think that it originated from the Odd/Even game of England or from the Italian game Biribi. However, most believe that the game was developed by French scientist Blaise Pascal from the 17th century when he tried to invent a perpetual motion machine.

However, the wheel of fate at that time did not have a zero until the brothers Francois and Louis Blanc brought the French version in 1843 with a special zero.

At the end of the 19th century, the American version was invented with one more zeros. In general, up to 1900, all historical documents referred to the 38-note Roulette as the Italian Roulette or the large Roulette and the 18-digit version was the German Roulette or the small Roulette.

In fact, there are too many assumptions about the origin of this game. However, most still believed in the assumption about Francois and Louis Blanc when they opened the first casino in Monte Carlo and introduced the European Roulette to the public, when King Louis XV tried to ban betting in France, the brothers. they transferred the casino to Germany to bring the game to the Germans.

Not only did Roulette flourish in Europe, but it also found its way to the US thanks to immigrants from France to New Orleans in the 19th century. However, the game was not very popular because people did not have much interest so they were improve the game, add a zero box – create today’s US Roulette version, popular in Canada, the Caribbean and South America. In other regions, European Roulette still dominates.

The spread of casinos in the early 20th century was not strong, when there was only one casino in Monte Carlo with European Roulette and one in Las Vegas with American Roulette in the 70s, when the Internet came out. Currently, the old and new versions of Roulette are widely available online. Internet technology brought a change to Roulette when vendors began to release new versions such as Mini Roulette, Multi Ball Roulette.

Although relying heavily on luck, but if you can calculate well, determine the speed of the ball and the roulette wheel to predict which number the ball falls into, this game will bring you quite a bit of profit there. What are you waiting without trying?

Some reputable online casino players should know

Currently, there are many online casinos and bookmakers operating in the world market. Do not rush to find any dealer if you do not want to lose money or not fully enjoy the game. So, remember the list of the most prestigious online bookies in the world today.

Online games come into our entertainment life as a common sense when all the elements around them reach the desired requirements. Now we can easily play both familiar and familiar games at reputable online casinos. The online casino platform is where people are relaxed, very comfortable and adventure with the feeling of victory and defeat as participating in the actual game.

The name of a reputable online casino says it all that novice amateurs or professional players are aiming for. In these online casinos, players like to participate directly in the big casinos in the world such as Las Vegas, Macau, Hong Kong (China), … Online games such as gambling, betting are spin live at these great casinos and push up online apps for players from all over to join.


Fun88 is a bookmaker launched towards the online gambling market in Asia, focusing mainly in Hong Kong, Macau, China, Thailand, … This is one of the few reputable online casinos. Partner with the world’s leading security network company.

Thanks to that, the safety and confidential information of the players are always placed on the highest position. Here, you absolutely can relax your mind and adventure with extremely new experiences. More than 100 online casino games ready to serve players.


Although the interface design is not really impressive as other online casino sites, the games that this house offers strangely really win the hearts of the players. Weekly, monthly, the house organizes special promotions to thank the players. All deposit and withdrawal transactions are easy and have specific instructions. Nowhere else can you join the authentic online red and black games like at W88. All deposit and withdrawal transactions are easy and have specific instructions.


From sports betting to online international casinos, M88 are geared towards serving players. A lot of badly divided games divided into many different game genres will definitely not disappoint players.