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Blackjack god shares the secrets of playing against the house 100%

In Blackjack betting, everyone has their own unique style of playing. However, between regular players and Blackjack, there is a clear difference in the way of playing. Today I will share with you how to play Blackjack of cards for everyone to refer and learn.

When entering the online casino games, you are only allowed to bring along the amount of money previously established. Depending on the economy of each person that can bring 1 millions, 2 millions, even 10 millions … But only play in that money, do not arbitrarily play more.

The way to play this is as follows: For example, you bring a stake of 2 million. In the first game, you bet 200,000 silver, if unfortunately lose, then the second game to bet 200,000 silver, continue to lose, still bet 200,000 silver. Losing more then going to Group 2 continues to apply the same betting method as Group 1.

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In the case of the first game, in the second game we bet both capital and profit ie 400,000 silver. If you continue to win, you will bet 800,000 silver, and if you win, then you will finish the first team.

So, no matter which game we win, the next game must bet both capital and profit until that group ends.

Psychology of players who dare to lose do not dare to win. For example, the first game loses 200,000 Silver, the second game is willing to bet 400,000 Silver, if losing to the third game, bet 800,000 Silver hoping to get back both capital and profit.

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But if the first game wins 200,000 Silver, then the next game will only bet 200,000 Silver, if the next game wins only 200,000 Silver because always wants to keep the winnings.

When you lose, you increase your bet, when you win you don’t dare to increase your bet, which is an inefficient play. According to the cards, the player who wants to win must know how to control the risk, dare to win and dare not lose, then in the hands of half the victory.

Tactics contribute up to 80% when playing online Blackjack (Part 2)

The judgment is the first thing you need to have when
playing Blackjack online

It is often said that in gambling, the lucky factor contributes to 90% of the win. This is true for most types of cards but in Blackjack, the player element is the most important. This factor is shown by the tactics when you participate in any game like this. It is no coincidence that older and more experienced players always win at this Malaysia online casino game.

Blackjack is a game with many simple rules, but if you want to become a good online blackjack player and make a lot of money from it is never easy. If you want to win this game, you need to have a proper strategy, and once you master all of your tactics, working daily with a few bottles will be real.

The first thing to play effectively in Blackjack is to calculate your hand. The advantage of card calculation is that you can base on the single factor to adjust the best bet. When you have the advantage of winning, you should increase the bet, and when you are at a disadvantage, you should reduce the bet to a low right and always.

However, if you look overall, the number of times you lose is more than the number of victories, so once the judgment has a chance to win, you must not miss it but need to increase the amount of bet to increase the win rate.

Is luck determined to win Blackjack?

In Blackjack, luck may play a very important role, but the playing technique is the key to success in this Blackjack. Usually the cards that are dealt to each person are random, while playing cards drawn from the bottom, making it impossible to judge.

Therefore, the draw depends entirely on the luck of the player. No one can choose a card, so the player’s decision will determine the outcome of the game. When checking your hand, if you see an 18-20 score, you should stop because at that time our odds of winning are 90%.

The ability to be assertive in the process of opening or drawing cards is only due to the technical agility of the player, besides it also needs to be reckless, if you have these things, your ability to win is achieved 70% already.