Specifically, the odds in Baccarat are as follows.

Odds in Baccarat

If you bet on Player and Player wins, you get double for 1 bet

If you bet on Banker and Banker wins, you will get double minus 5% commission for Banker

If you bet on Draw and you win, you will receive a payout in a 1 to 8 ratio.


The rules of this game are very simple, so even if you are completely unknown to Baccarat before, you still can fully adapt to the game in a very short time.

Your task is to bet on the outcome of the game, not on your actual card result, and you have three choices to bet: Banker wins, Player wins, or Draw.

To place a bet, simply select the amount of coin you want to place a bet and place it in the correct betting area. As soon as you place a bet, press the Deal button, you and Banker will get two decks of cards face to face.

About the Baccarat scoring system: All human face cards and the ten card game in Baccarat count as 0 points. For example, if you receive a card that includes J / 8, then your card counts as 8 points.

If your score is 10/4 then count as 4 points. If your score is 8 and 7, the total will count as 5 points.

The winner of the Baccarat game will be the one with the closest score to 9. But remember, even if your hand wins, you must bet on the Player to win the final game.

CLICK buttons in the game

There are a few buttons you will use while playing Baccarat as follows:

Clear Bets: If you made a mistake when placing a bet, you can click here to start over from the beginning.

Deal: Click here to receive your first two cards.

New Game: Click here to play new games.

Rebet: Use this button to place a bet with the same amount again.

Stakes: These are the betting options for you; Click here to see the amount you want to bet on each bet before indicating which bet you predict will win.