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The difference between people who succeed and fail in online casino

Online casino is a popular game in human life. The number of people participating in online casino at w88 link is increasing and there has never been any sign of “cooling down”. When participating in this activity, everyone wants to win, but in reality it is very difficult, the number of people who get “harvest” is always less than “defeated”. So who won, what characteristics do they have?

Successful gamblers often grasp their own destiny. If they had to place a bet at a level that made them uncomfortable, they might choose to give up that round. For them, safety for capital is always important. The mistake of many gamblers is that they only care about what they have at hand, but forget to evaluate their opponents. Subjective disdain always makes online casino players have to “taste the bitter fruit”. The trend of the games will gradually be revealed over time, so it is wise to give up a few betting rounds to have time to master the game trend.

That is the difference between successful and unsuccessful players. Those who are “obsessed” with invisibility generally put themselves in danger, because they are burdened with too much pressure. To those who participate in online casino, they see things calmly, not impulsively, not in a hurry, they know where the stops are. Excessive greed will cost you dearly. Winning or losing money has a psychological effect, most of the gambler’s mistakes are rooted in not really correct notions about online casino activity, its happenings and results.

Successful online casino capital management skills

The common “ill” of gamblers is that they often burn themselves out after impulsive betting decisions in the style of “burning three years of wood for one hour”. To be able to survive long in the online casino world, players need to be able to control themselves and create a “safe lock” for capital.

You need a budget estimate for the betting plan: Of course, every player wants to bet a lot to win, they have the opportunity to “become a billionaire overnight”. However, gamblers need to properly plan their capital. Once a plan has been set, no matter what arises, it also needs to be consistent to implement, not to have the mentality of “just one more time” and surpass the threshold. Once “beyond the threshold”, players will increasingly momentum and very difficult to turn back.

Blackjack god shares the secrets of playing against the house 100%

In Blackjack betting, everyone has their own unique style of playing. However, between regular players and Blackjack, there is a clear difference in the way of playing. Today I will share with you how to play Blackjack of cards for everyone to refer and learn.

When entering the online casino games, you are only allowed to bring along the amount of money previously established. Depending on the economy of each person that can bring 1 millions, 2 millions, even 10 millions … But only play in that money, do not arbitrarily play more.

The way to play this is as follows: For example, you bring a stake of 2 million. In the first game, you bet 200,000 silver, if unfortunately lose, then the second game to bet 200,000 silver, continue to lose, still bet 200,000 silver. Losing more then going to Group 2 continues to apply the same betting method as Group 1.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Blackjack

In the case of the first game, in the second game we bet both capital and profit ie 400,000 silver. If you continue to win, you will bet 800,000 silver, and if you win, then you will finish the first team.

So, no matter which game we win, the next game must bet both capital and profit until that group ends.

Psychology of players who dare to lose do not dare to win. For example, the first game loses 200,000 Silver, the second game is willing to bet 400,000 Silver, if losing to the third game, bet 800,000 Silver hoping to get back both capital and profit.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

But if the first game wins 200,000 Silver, then the next game will only bet 200,000 Silver, if the next game wins only 200,000 Silver because always wants to keep the winnings.

When you lose, you increase your bet, when you win you don’t dare to increase your bet, which is an inefficient play. According to the cards, the player who wants to win must know how to control the risk, dare to win and dare not lose, then in the hands of half the victory.

Learn the terminology and the right investment in Baccarat at W88

Here are some common terms used in Baccarat, gambling from Italy, then spread to France and has become popular at the W88 dealer, if you want to join, please visit the link w88top to play offline.

The player who pays the highest bet in the game will play the dealer, the dealer payout rate is only 95%.

Baccarat 11-point version

In this Baccarat 11 points, those who have the closest score to 11 will win. This form of play rarely appears in Malaysia online casinos and is only applied in Baccarat matches

Baccarat mini

This is also one of the most popular forms of Baccarat, the dealer will be responsible for handling all the cards on the table. These types of tables are usually carried out at the main casinos and also have a limited number of tables.

Traditional Baccarat

Baccarat is the most popular form of casino in America as well as Macao. Accordingly, the ratio of money for the draw is highest as a “draw” 8.

In addition to the aforementioned terms, if you want to become a standard Baccarat investor, it is also required to withstand heavy psychological pressure, because during playing Baccarat, the cards in every game are always transformation, never let you play smoothly.

What is baccarat?

Baccarat online game can help you a minute to become a millionaire, but it can also make after just a minute you will become a blank, players are required to learn from experience success – failure, when successful then you must not be too favorable, but when faced with failure, the more you have to learn to accept with reality, and also bear the pressure of capital; Players should know that online casinos are not their biggest enemies yet, the biggest enemy is none other than the players themselves, if they want to win against the dealer, the player needs to win first. myself, at the same time, I have to train to a calm retreat.

To become a Baccarat investor is really not an easy task, besides having to face great risks, players must also have the psychology of accepting negligent cases, of course if you have a victory. then you will receive a good reward. Therefore, if a player really wants to become a Baccarat investor, he must be well prepared mentally, only then will the player have enough strength to face the difficulties before. eye. When winning do not forget to refer to w88 cash withdrawal to withdraw money to spend offline!

Bet method for taking silver in Roulette online casino games

In Roulette, there are countless ways to win money from the house shared by the players on social networks. This betting method is extremely simple but requires players to persevere, ie to observe 4 games to begin betting.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho online casino games

The amount of bet depends on the stake of each player by the player himself.

Why is it possible to bet after 4 online casino games, the reason is simple, in the roulette game, the numbers appear to follow the rules, the probability of winning is evenly spread among the numbers and the possibility of appearing. back the previous numbers were also quite high.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho online casino games

You may not believe that there is a case where a number appears after a few games and is repeated continuously. Take the time to observe and you will know immediately.

The special thing in Roulete is that there are a few numbers that appear many times in a single game, there are very few numbers that appear, so when applying the above bet method, make sure to bet on the 4 numbers that have appeared before that.

Besides equipping with betting skills, you should divide your stake appropriately to maintain long playing time without losing your money. Determines how long the game will take to rest. Without a specific capital management plan and betting time, players do not know the way to stop and play for as long as they lose.

You do not have a lot of capital, you should bet low and the payoff of the Sicbo game is not low, so even though you are small, you also make a big profit. As for players who are proficient in betting, they should bet on a high level, divide many parts to bet, after winning, keep the bet capital only take profit to play.

The Alembert strategy when playing Baccarat at Malaysia online casino (Part 2)

All these tactics are based on the basic theorem – Increase the bet by 1 unit after each bet loss and 1 unit after every win. Therefore, to be able to use this tactic effectively, you need to proceed to determine how much 1 unit is corresponding to.

The advice is that you should not let that number exceed 1% of your playing budget, otherwise your likelihood of bankruptcy will be very fast.

Advantages and disadvantages of Alembert tactics


As with the beginning of the card, Alembert makes a smaller profit than other strategies or compared to normal play.

Each tactic helps players improve a certain aspect of gambling. Either way, the strategy helps players see the overall picture instead of focusing on winning and losing in one game.

While there is no tactic that can help players win long term, if you know how to apply online baccarat betting strategies will help you achieve a certain profit goal.


While Alembert is not as unstable as other tactics, you also need to avoid losing. If there is an unlucky chain, you may be bankrupt, so don’t touch the important money.

If you participate in Malaysia online casino gambling, you will find that the odds are increased relatively small. Many people who love to play adventure and excitement will choose high bets. If you are one of them, we recommend other strategies such as Martingale.

Risks in Alembert tactics

So what are the risks in this tactic? There are really no holes because the betting strategy usually does not change the probability as well as the house’s advantage. Whether using Martingale, Fibonacci or Alembert, the house still has an advantage of about 1.05% compared to the player.

Hopefully, you can use the Alembert strategy introduced above when playing Baccarat online and win as much as you can. Good luck!

Bet method for betting on house bets in Roulette

If you find something interesting, you definitely want to share it with your friends. Online betting sites are also a good information for friends if they are also a little brave in person and passionate about gambling. What is happy about having a dinner together and waiting for the results of a classic game, spinning a few slots or playing casino games right in your house?

The K8 online casino games is a hit house in recent times when launching a series of features and promotions that have never appeared in Vietnam such as allowing to play at free online casinos, of course try it out. But this is something unprecedented.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho online casino games

Bonuses at the house K8 are also constantly released to attract players. A referral promotion is also provided on the system by K8 to maximize the number of players. You have to play to introduce others to play, K8 does not allow players who have not recharge introduced their friends.

The first bonus is when you refer a single person, the bonus is listed in the following table. If you want to withdraw this bonus, you must wager at least 5 rounds at the K8 dealer games.

To participate, of course you must have an account at the M88 website with the main information, then visit the About friends section on the homepage.

Here you are provided with a special link, you just need to send this link to a friend, then they register and recharge so you can receive a reward without sending mail or anything, also guaranteed that , whom you recommend, you will definitely get a reward.

One note is that you are not allowed to invite family members, according to M88 law. Users who share the same network, note that a network, not the same computer, are not eligible for this promotion. Please pay attention to this point to avoid further questions.

The Alembert strategy when playing Baccarat at Malaysia online casino (Part 1)

Baccarat is a card game played at Malaysia online casino. As a fighting game, the card with the higher points will win. However, the right to choose which card to bet is in the player’s hand instead of being fixed to one of the dealt cards like other games. This optimizes fairness and is appreciated by many.

Baccarat’s rules are relatively complicated, but the terms are relatively few because the rules are less interactive, players only bet on which door, the remaining dealer of the baccarat online resolves.

Alembert strategy when playing baccarat online based on mathematical formulas. This tactic was developed by Jean le Rond d’Alembert, a French national, and worked similarly to Martingale or Fibonacci. Unlike Martingale, however, players who follow Alembert will earn less but not lose too much.

The working principle of Alembert

After determining the unit will be the time you take action. Let’s start by placing 1 unit for the Player door. Always remember to put in the player’s door because the payout ratio is often higher and more beneficial during the application of this strategy. Exceptions if played by some special rules, something rarely happens.

To better understand this tactic, take a look at the following example:

Bet 1 unit: Lose.

Bet 2 units: Lose.

Bet 3 units: Lose.

Bet 4 units: Win.

Bet 3 units: Win.

Bet 2 units: Win.

Bet 1 unit: Lose.

Bet 2 units …

Keep going until you get the number you want, run out of money or get bored and want to stop. If you win in the first round, continue to bet with 1 unit.

As you can see, if after 1 round, the number of losses and wins is equal (4 losses 4 wins) then when applying this strategy we still get profit.

Define online casino games with Live Dealers

I know that when playing online casino games, whether playing slots, playing cards, or other games like Roulette, Sicbo … the results are completely transparent and public if you play at the house. as big and prestigious as I introduced.

However, many people are still wondering about this, and only trust games with real dealers, with clear forms of verification to believe. And moreover, these games also feel much more like a ‘casino’ than other games.

Live Dealers

When participating in online bookmakers, you are participating in a casino. Only this casino acts completely different from the actual casinos. It is based on a technology platform to connect players to the house. The system is organized in a completely transparent and fair manner, properly supervised by governmental organizations, not some underground organizations as many people think. There are corporations of up to thousands of full-time employees.

Connecting players and dealers via the internet, technically almost with the current technology is absolutely no problem. These questions need a clearer and more specific answer than just explaining how transparent the online casino system is, how it is controlled. Because players don’t know where the system is, how it works, they don’t want to find it out, they trust them, they play, or they stop.

Live Dealers

With the purpose of highlighting transparency, and bringing a realistic casino atmosphere to the players, Live Dealers games are operated based on live broadcast technology, with outstanding advantages.

The games start normally like when playing at the house, real cards, real roulette, real dice, live dealer. It’s just that players connect via the Internet and bet by clicking instead of using chips like at casinos.

If you are wondering whether this is a live video or a pre-set video, rest assured, dealers always have a phone in front of them, a number, you can call to see if it rings a bell. Or not.

The reasons why playing Poker at Malaysia online casino is becoming more popular (Part 2)

Gradually, Poker tournaments opened up, the most famous being EPT (Europe Poker Tour), WPT (World Poker Tour), etc. and many tournaments from small to large organized by casinos.

The culture of playing poker has also been incorporated into movies and television. Movies about the game of poker and famous poker players also came out one after the other, TV shows “Late Night Poker” or “Poker after dark” were gradually formed. Also, the extreme leverage that brought poker to the top of the card game genre was the launch of real-money online poker applications.

Although there are many different types of poker, the Holdem genre is easy to understand the rules of the game, followed by poker, better than other card games because the player’s skills are more valuable than luck. While good players cannot always win, they can increase the amount of money they earn and minimize the amount of money lost.

When playing Poker game, you not only use your card but also have to guess and use your opponent’s ticket to make them do what you want. The tension and drama in each game is the reason why poker is increasingly popular. If you’re going to be a good poker player, you must first know how to control your emotions, read the opponent’s mind, or in short, be smarter than the player at the table.

Capturing this movement, many Malaysia online casinos and home games (competitions between acquaintances) are continually being opened. Although not specified, explicitly or legally organized, this is a first impression for the development of poker.

Following this movement, a series of online card games related to poker was also born. Playing online poker at Malaysia online casino anytime, anywhere helps players not have to waste their energy finding tables for themselves. The advantages of time, place, and the diversity of online poker bets have helped poker, in general, to become more prominent.

Online casino dealer and some popular bonuses

For those who are new to online casino Malaysia, or even experienced ones, wager promotions at bookmakers are always attractive. In this article, we will list the most common types of bonuses and a few notes for receiving them.

These are new promotions recently launched and implemented by the bookmakers at the same time. Players only need to register for an account, confirm their account information via channels such as phone number or email to receive a deposit in their betting account at the dealer and can start placing bets immediately instantly. Winnings are calculated as usual and may be withdrawn.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

A good chance for you to bet on real bets at some bookmakers, try some of the games you’ve never played or even heard of. These first experiences allow you to decide whether or not to participate in the world of these games. If you like, then continue, otherwise.

Note that you should not try to open multiple accounts at a house in order to cheat bonus, because when withdrawing information, you must confirm the owner.

You cannot withdraw if it is a virtual account. Please pay close attention to this point. However, if you want to experience different bookmakers, of course you can open one account at each house. This is completely valid.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho casino online

If you have learned enough and decided to join to become a new player at a house, you will definitely receive a valuable welcome bonus when you first deposit here. These bonuses will normally be 100% of the first deposit value, and the maximum amount up to it depends on the house.

But in general, the bonuses are quite attractive and valuable. If you’ve decided to join a house, find out which promotions they offer, how much, what region, exactly what you want to play, how to receive a reward.

Because these promotions are not carried out automatically, sometimes you have to register, sometimes you have to fill out information via a certain link. In general, you access the promotion area and read the promotion information here, or it is better to contact the customer service team for the fastest support.