What is special about W88 compared to other Malaysian online casinos?

If you’ve ever played online betting then definitely W88 is a suitable stop that you feel most impressed, safest. In Malaysia, W88 is one of the safest and most reputable bookmakers.

W88 is currently the leading European bookmaker owned by MARQUEE HOLDINGS LTD, licensed by First Cagayan (Casino World).

W88 dealer website interface

Easy-to-see, eye-catching interface, you can choose two color fonts that are the first impressive feature that players cannot ignore when they first visit the W88 dealer. Sports layouts are also designed for clarity and comprehension.

For many customers who have little contact with online betting, it will be difficult to find and track favorites, but for W88 you absolutely can find yourself the target quickly.

Football betting

At the W88 bookie, players can fully bet football under many different, playing Live Casino with many attractive games is also very convenient.

The strength of w88 is football betting, players can completely bet on many major tournaments on the planet with many types of Asian, European, or Small markets. Most Malaysian gamblers pay a lot of attention to the Asian SPORTS handicap. If you want, you can still bet on European markets to diversify your playstyle, contributing to more wins.

Diverse online casino games at w88

For casino services, the W88 bookie has significantly improved and upgraded. You don’t have to go to the Casino or meet in person, but you can easily join with real people. Online casino is one of the products of great interest at w88. Here offers a variety of cards such as Baccarat, Poker, Roulette, Slots games…

For casino services, the W88 bookie has significantly improved and upgraded

Attractive promotions at W88 online casino

At W88 dealer there are regular promotions for the newest members and even longtime members. Promotion 100% of the deposit value when depositing for the first time.

This is a welcome gift for new members to help players get money and join the playing field smoothly. Instant cashback of up to 1% for all Slot games. This is one of the incentives that other bookmakers can’t get outside of W88.


Besides the main advantages, you cannot help but compliment the customer support service at the W88 dealer or W88 interface if you are already a member. The website’s interface is easy on the eyes, the staff is friendly and simple to help players find the necessary information easily and play betting quickly. Good luck!

Sports betting and other games at M88 online casino

Sports betting is a strong product of this online casino. You will be overwhelmed by the variety of the games offered by this Malaysia online casino. Just this much will make you spend a lot of time to experience all kinds of betting.

These products include 3 product categories. They are M Sports, Sports, and Virtual Sports. You can play any sports betting platform you like. Each floor has a unique feature that meets the criteria of many different types of players.

In addition to sports, the online casino games are also interesting and attractive at the M88 bookie. At M88, you can enjoy a variety of simulations of major casino games such as Blackjack, Fortune, Baccarat, or Roulette.

The online casino games are also interesting and attractive at the M88 bookie

These are games that will make you feel like you are fighting at casinos with live technology. And whether you play casino with real people or virtual people, the experience is very nice.

Slot games

Slots games are inherently popular at casinos and are also available at M88 with thousands of games with a variety of themes and styles. Slots games promise to please even the most demanding players because the vendors have created all kinds of games (and the quality of the game is also very good).

Category of M88 Casino games

Surely you will be overwhelmed with the system of lots and interesting games at the M88 dealer in the slot game/explosion section.

Types of Keno & Lottery

Besides, the dealer M88 also offers keno and lottery games for those who are passionate about gambling with fantasy numbers.

Outstanding advantages

It can be said that, with the M88 dealer, the professional interface has made it easy for players to grasp even for beginners. That is the absolute advantage and also the top criteria of this Malaysia online casino.

M88 betting website is designed to be user-friendly, so even if you join the first time you can easily register, top-up, bet, and withdraw money…

The M88 online game application is suitable for both Android and iOS operating systems, so players can safely bet anytime, anywhere with their mobile device.

Is the Empire777 online casino reputable? Should you play at Empire777?

Empire777 is a Malaysia online casino that has been active in the betting market for many years and regularly is at the top of reputable bookmakers and receives enthusiastic support from players.

It’s also easy to see why this dealer has so many members participating so far. Because they are very interested in their members as well as offering many different betting products for customers to choose from. However, there are still quite a few people wondering about the credibility of this bookie is reputable or not, so today we will answer this question together.

Is it true that Empire777 is not reputable?

Currently, there is a lot of information on the transmission of scam brokers, making customers feel quite worried about whether or not the house they participated in is like that.

Empire777 always knows how to stimulate its members with promotions

Empire777 has a fairly important position in the Malaysian betting market after a period of operation and construction. This is considered a breath of fresh air blowing into the betting market of players, bringing them new and most interesting new things.

Coming to the empire777 dealer, players will have many opportunities to meet extremely beautiful and hot dealers in card games such as Blackjack, Live Roulette, or Live Baccarat and Live Sicbo in the casino in empire777. It all offers a space of professionalism and level like you are playing at a real casino in Las Vegas or the city and Macau.

Promotion programs

Empire777 always knows how to stimulate its members with many different promotions for the entire audience.

Welcome new members program when you deposit for the first time after registering for an account will receive a lot of lucky gifts. Besides, there are also gratitude programs for longtime loyal members such as recharge refunds, refunds always at a greater rate than other current bookmakers.

Empire777 also organizes customers to accumulate bonus points and use them to convert into many valuable and interesting rewards according to their liking.


As can be seen, Empire777 is one of the most reputable online casinos in Asia. Besides, this bookmaker also supports many casino games, sports betting and offer attractive promotion programs. Choosing to bet on this Malaysia online casino is surely a good choice for you.

Is the M88 online casino reputable? Should players play at M88 or not?

Currently, M88 is considered as one of the four large-scale bookmakers in the market today in Asia and Europe. M88’s management company, London-based Mansion, is home to the world’s first sports betting and exciting online casino games.

M88 was born in 2004, up to now this online casino has 13 years of operation, this can show how prestigious M88 is. Because building and maintaining a brand over the years is not easy. M88 has maintained outstanding quality for more than a decade before market changes, technology, and sports games also show how reliable M88 is.

After trying out a lot of bookmakers myself, I have seen M88 very experienced in handling and many great features to support the betting experience of users. For example, the payment is quick and easy.

The M88 bookmaker is registered at The Enterprise Center Tower two, 6766 Ayala Avenue Corner Paseo de Roxas Makati City, Manila with a registration license issued by the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority, is Asia’s leading bookmaker. There are more than 2 hundred officers working, carrying the ranks of accepting bets, executive board, and supporting customers.

M88 is the official sponsor of the football club in the English Premier League, the 5th beer tournament, the World Futsal Championship in Kuala Lumpur, and has recently been the most recent sponsor of and Tiger Football Street. 2011 with a total sponsorship amount of more than 100 million USD (sponsorship for Tottenham alone is 64.38 million USD). M88 is a place you can trust and rest assured.

M88 is a reputable online casino

M88 has gradually asserted its position and brand name as well as its prestige although it has just been operating in the Asian market not long. Therefore, M88 is also one of the prestigious bookmakers in 2018 that attracts a lot of players to join.

M88 is one of the most reputable online casinos nowadays

Besides, there is also enthusiastic support staff. Not only that, but this house also has a security system and the data is always completely safe because the dealer M88 uses 128-bit encryption for its security system.

As can be seen, M88 is one of the most reputable online casinos nowadays. It is a good choice to choose this Malaysia online casino to play your favorite casino games. Good luck!

Guide to playing baccarat in M88 online casino

How to play baccarat casino at M88 bookie? Is it as easy to play as a 3-card scratch card in Malaysia?

These are the questions that many new online card players learn about the M88 casino that plays Baccarat online or ask. To help you play Baccarat online at M88 easily, the following article will guide you by the article below.

Guide to playing baccarat in M88 online casino

Follow 3 steps below to join Baccarat at M88 Malaysia online casino.

Step 1: Log in to W88 website and select Online Casino

First, players need to log into the m88 dealer website through the link to m88.

Step 2: Choose your favorite viewing mode at M88 casino

There are 5 modes for you to choose from including Vip Lobby, 3D, 2D, multi-table betting, 3D 7 seats. You can choose any model you like (in this article I choose 3D). Here if you choose Vip Lobby, there will be a much bigger bet than the rooms available. Choosing the 3D model will have a more attractive animated design interface.

Step 3: Select the table and bet limit

There are 3 Baccarat tables, numbered in the order of 1,2, 3 and 1 number 8 is 7 Up Baccarat. Players can choose any table. After clicking Enter to play at the tables for Baccarat (Select table number 1), continue to select betting limits.

There are 6 levels of betting limit, of which 3 are normal and 3 are without commission. Since I am new to how to play, I should choose the minimum limit of 25 and a maximum of 2,500.

Step 4: Place a bet

The game at Baccarat is similar to the 3-card scratch card in Malaysia. There are 3 doors for players to bet including Dealer, Player, Tie.

When you place a bet on 1 of 3 doors and press the bet confirmation button, the Dealer will begin dealing. The party with the higher score wins but the total score equal to 9 is the greatest. If the total score is greater than 9, then drop the score from the tens and only take the points in units to compare points.

To better understand the rules of the game as well as how to play Baccarat to make money, please refer to our baccarat tutorial to learn more. Wish you success with Baccarat!

A brief introduction to prestigious w88 online casino

A brief introduction to prestigious w88 online casino

W88 is a reputable online casino that offers casino games, online games, lottery, keno, poker, and online sports betting services using Amaya, Betsoft, Gameplay Interactive, GamesOS, GG Network, iSoftBet, Microgaming, NetEnt, Play’n Go and Playtech.

W88 is operated by Marquee Holdings LTD and is licensed to operate in the Caggayan Economic Area and Free Port. The preferred language of this site is English but the website supports many different languages ​​including Malaysian so generally Malaysian players will have no problem participating here.

When you first deposit money, you will have a chance to receive 100% more on your account. This is a good opportunity that players should not miss and of course, you should consider how to deposit the money properly.

In addition, to meet the needs of the players, W88 supports many different versions including computers, mobile website versions, and download applications.

Mobile games

W88 casino is compatible with many different interfaces so that you can access from any device with the simplest operation. In addition to the computer interface, you can access W88 from your smart mobile phone with any browser or download the application and can play from the application according to your preferences and preferences.

Such a prestigious online casino

W88 is proud of its online casino with an impressive collection of games up to more than 500 games at the moment. There are up to 80 types of blackjack, baccarat, and roulette games for you to choose from.

Players can play with pre-programmed games that play with the random number generator on the system or play at live casinos, where there are live dealers from the casino rooms. W88 applies a $ 200 reward for all new casino players, making your budget “booming” when you play.

Besides, in order to meet the maximum interests of the players because even the most loyal players will want to experience many different games. W88 offers lots of alternatives for you. Here you can find lottery, poker, bingo or keno games to try.

What are the most prestigious online casinos in Malaysia?

Playing online betting in Malaysia has been a favorite trend among many participants. There have been many bookmakers being launched in Malaysia market in recent years. This created a wave of competition for the choice of house to join.

And today, to help players make the most sensible options, we would like to introduce to you the most prestigious bookmakers in Asia.


The W88 bookmaker is still the prestigious football bookmaker in Malaysia that has the most favorite and popular in the world betting market and has now been introduced to Asia.

At this time, the W88 bookie is increasingly spreading and covering all Asian countries, especially attracting a large number of members in the Malaysian betting market.

Most of the players visiting the homepage are impressed with the extremely eye-catching and streamlined interface. The W88 Dealer is always active with the goal of welcoming all members so the W88 bookie is always very popular with betting participants.


This is the name with the longest seniority in all the house. This is the bookmaker born in the early periods of betting on Malaysia. The M88 dealer has been spreading throughout countries not only in Asia. The house of M88 is always proud of the quick and top-ranking trading system in Malaysia market.

Dealer M88 with all its advantages does not hesitate to be compared and selected with any other dealer. which is always selected by the majority of players when being threatened to compare.

Moreover, with the interface and attractive promotions not inferior to any house, the M88 house always shows that it is the house that deserves to be selected by customers.


The 188bet dealer is still on the rise and further confirms its position to global reach. At this house, 188bet is always proud of being the best house that makes players comfortable and assured of the stability of the network. The dealer always has ways to ensure the most attractive player matches without interruption or interruption.

In addition, the system of help center of the house 188Bet is ready to support 24/24, paying lazy for any fastest questions. The 188bet dealer increasingly matches its position on the international rankings.

The criteria for evaluating an online casino

In the online casino world, there are countless bookies for players to choose, but people always want to search and choose reputable, fair bookies to play.

In order to assess what is the most prestigious house, it is also necessary to evaluate the house on the ball based on many different criteria to be able to make an appropriate assessment and selection.

Assess the most prestigious house based on the number of people registered to play

It is not easy to suddenly have a house that can have a large number of members registered to participate. In order to attract players and players to participate in the game for a long time at the web, the dealer has to undergo the process of stimulating use as well as being fair and reliable for the player to keep the child playing.

Prestigious online casino often attracts a large number of participants

Because of that, when looking for a reputable house, people often notice first the number of registered customers to feel secure to register members. The greater the number of members proves the more prestigious the house is.

Assess the most prestigious house based on the launched programs

With the prestigious, long-term bookmakers, promotions will usually be given very regularly so that players always receive promotions. Unlike other small bookmakers, the programs of reputable bookmakers will usually not promote the class, high level of attractiveness but instead are stable, not snatching to attract temporary customers.

The promotions are also a trick the prestigious bookies offer

Assess the most prestigious house through payouts

The payout has a great influence on the decision to play at the house. With the prestigious house, the payment often has to be done quickly, neatly, not for players to be anxious to wait.

Instead of having to wait hours or days for the new bonus to be transferred to the card, now the bonus will be transferred, quickly when the player wins in each game.

The payout is fast

Moreover, the reputable dealer often supports paying and receiving optimal rewards for customers. From supporting deposit methods to the inter-bank card system from banks are supported by reputable bookmakers. This has made the process of playing and receiving rewards easier and faster.

With the above evaluation criteria, you can now fully evaluate and choose a reputable house to join the game. Be wise in choosing a place to play so you do not have to hassle later.

The secrets to effectively playing online casino games

Playing casino games online brings a lot of excitement to the participants. However, the players are very easy to fall into the money which has no wings and flies away due to the unreasonable mistakes of the players.

Only when players know the secret to playing their own cards, will the opportunity to enjoy the great fun that this game brings.

The capital that players spend on gambling online must be money that is beyond the cost of the activities or necessities, and the money that if lost, does not affect the lives of people. play as well as relatives. This is the secret of playing cards for many players.

Players need to assess the level of risk that they may face, and offer coping solutions. If you want to increase the level of a certain item in order to quickly earn the bonuses, you also need to be mentally prepared if you fail.

How to gamble

Losing back and forth is also a secret of playing a familiar card game, it is considered a trend in the casino. Losing 1 double bet, if you win 2 then you reduce your bet to 1, this betting method is no longer strange to the player.

Card players need to note

Establish yourself with the secret to playing cards in the highest bet for each bet or for betting situations. If you win later, do not include that money as capital for the next time, but should only use one part, leaving the other part as a booty.

And if after that lost? Of course, it is necessary to return to the baseline setting without thirst in order to remove the gauze.

Pay attention to rest

Playing cards online for money is an activity that requires high thinking and concentration. However, it is the drama of the game that makes it easy for players to be caught up without discovering that they may be tired and need to rest.

In order to avoid this situation, players can set rules of time, reaching this level requires a certain break, this is also an opportunity for players to review the playing process, draw for yourself the lesson as well as experience for the next games.

Above are the secrets to effectively playing online casino games. Hopefully, the tips are helpful for you.

Is Dafabet a reputable online casino?

It can be said that Dafabet is a brand that is ranked among the top online casinos globally and has been officially present in the Asia Pacific region. So the reputable dafbet house has many customers who are curious about this issue and today we will answer with you this question.

This house has been licensed and certified by international organizations and has built a headquarters in the Philippines. In addition, it has many branches in countries around the world with a very powerful staff. Dafabet always takes care of all its responsibilities regarding betting games and strives to provide the best services to its customers.

Dafabet always set out its simplest goal, which is to bring games and entertainment services to members with a variety of genres and quality assurance. This Malaysia online casino shows its level and bravery in a completely special position that puts all activities here based on the betting rules.

Dafabet can ensure a fair, civilized and transparent playground. This online casino is strictly controlled by the government and all information and data of members are strictly managed in the data warehouse. No third party is allowed to gain access to view or steal information.

In addition, this house also uses a lot of modern technology software to ensure that games always produce objective and fair results for customers. No effect can change the outcome of the game under any circumstances.

The house also set up a full staff to support and care for its members during the online play. They will work regularly available 24 hours a day so that when customers request it, they can be timely to assist.

All employees are trained from skills to extremely methodical and professional knowledge, dedicated customer service, the most thoughtful and polite to ensure solving customer cases and questions. in the most satisfactory way for the benefit of members.


The house Dafabet also always set the simple goal of serving its customers well to bring new games. Therefore, Dafabet is increasingly trusted and loved by customers. Wish everyone will feel happy and lucky to play.